Voice Training for Depth and Power

Get a Grounded, Richly Resonant Voice

To set free your inner voice try this voice training exercise from the Method School of Acting, which would have been practised by actors like Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino. The idea of this exercise is to develop a voice that is deeply grounded in the body, carrying with it a deep, powerful resonance. A grounded voice voice is rich and deep – that’s very different to a voice that resonates in the […]

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How To Get A Charismatic Voice

Show your Passion with your Voice

To be dynamic and charismatic people we need voices that show that we are engaged with life and that we communicate our desires to people. This means that we have energy and also a full range of expression in the voice. Benjamin’s dynamic voice training exercise shows you how you can bring passion to your voice like a Shakespearean actor.

Benjamin recommends using famous lines from Shakespeare because the characters are […]

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How to Find your Authentic Voice

How Kevin Learned to Roar!


Kevin contacted me for coaching because he had been told that his monotone voice was the weak point of his presentation skills. He was competing in the ‘Toastmasters International World Speech Competition’ at the quarter-final stage and hoped to transform his voice in order to stand the best possible chance of winning.

As often happens during the coaching process, I immediately identified Kevin’s […]

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How to Improve my Voice – Vocal Training Exercises

Voice Training Exercises to Do at Home

Developing your voice is practical and physical work in which change is achieved as a result of regular practice. It’s not possible to improve your voice merely by reading about how the voice works – you actually need to do the work and experiment for yourself.

One of the best ways to get to know your voice better is to start recording yourself, either on camera or just your […]

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I hate my voice

What it Really Means to Hate the Sound of your Voice

It’s not unusual to hate the sound of your own voice. Many people don’t even recognise the sound of their own voice played back to them for the first time because it sounds so different to what they hear from inside their own head. This is because the way you hear your own voice is deeper and faster than it sounds to other people. […]

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Voice Training Exercises – Get a Deep Voice

How to Get a Deep Voice

If you are a woman with a high-pitched, breathy voice you may find that people do not take you seriously. By changing the way you breathe and doing deep voice exercises you can make your voice deeper over time.

It takes a lot of work and effort to change the pitch of your voice to make it deeper. It cannot happen straight away as there are mental and physical blocks […]

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What Does a Gay Voice Sound Like?

Features and Qualities of Gay Speech

What does it mean for a man to sound gay? When a person sounds gay it is due to a combination of factors that can be observed in the voice. While some of the aspects are physical, the other aspects are speech habits / speech mannerisms. It is possible to sound either more or less gay by increasing/decreasing the following aspects of gay speech in your voice and style […]

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How to Speak Properly

Focus on Accent, Articulation and Performance to Speak Properly

We do not need to completely change our accents in order to speak properly. It is possible to speak in a more refined and sophisticated way by making small adjustments to the content, articulation and performance of speech.

Speech Content – your speech should be timelessly elegant like a little black dress. This means that you avoid trendy words, slang and local expressions because this kind of […]

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How to Get a Sexy Voice

Practical Vocal Training Exercise to Get a Raspy Voice

Some people are born with sexy voices, while other people must learn how to fake it. By doing this exercise you can enhance the sexiness of your voice by bringing out its throaty vibrations. Do the exercise to temporarily change your voice so that it has a raspy quality to it.

The Frog – to do this exercise make the noise of the frog in your throat. […]

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Selective Mutism – I Don’t Speak

Why Some People Don’t Speak and What it Tells you About your Own Communication Problems

In each of us our ability to express ourselves and connect deeply with others is limited by the presence of communication blocks. While most of us are not really aware of the damage we have experienced that is limiting our communication, in some people the presence of communication blocks is obvious. For selective mutes – people who can talk but […]

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Voice Exercises for Resonance

Few people have achieved their best voice. We don’t speak with rich, warm and deep voices as standard. That’s because we’re battling huge emotional blocks in our minds and in our bodies that stop us from communicating expressively and fully. By working to develop the resonance of your speech, you will be breaking up some of the physical blocks in your body on your way to achieving your best speaking voice.

When developing resonance, think […]

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