Release Your Sorrow — Feel Like a Whale

Release your blocked or numbed emotions in a light trance. Watch this video to feel the deep, soulful and sorrowful emotions of whales in the ocean. Listen to this 10 Minute Whale trance, close close your eyes and put the focus of your attention on the sounds within the repeated words and lines of the trance. If any feelings of sadness or grief rise to the surface, let the feelings move through you and […]

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Voice Tips for Recording Audio with a Clear Voice

Voice recording tips: how to get a more professional and clear result from your voice when you record.

“Floppy, gloopy voice” is when the voice sounds disharmonious and the tones of your voice are out of tune. It can sound mucusy and the transition between the tones will sound off key. There may also be the sensation of the voice getting stuck. I explain how to avoid having an unclear voice in your audio recordings. […]

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Meaning of a Lump in the Throat: Globus Hystericus

An intuitive perspective regarding the sensation of something being caught in the throat. This can feel like a constriction and there can be difficulty swallowing. Also known as globus hystericus / globus pharyngis.

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Jade Joddle Interviewed by New Zealand Radio

I did a really fun and funny interview with hosts Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell from New Zealand’s biggest breakfast radio show. We talk about what makes a seductive, sexy voice. Listen to a three minute clip of our chat by clicking the player below:


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Who’s got an attractive voice?

I’m in the Daily Mail newspaper today talking about how changing your voice can help you find love. I know from my experience working with clients in private coaching sessions that changing your voice can change your life. The improved confidence and ability to express oneself that comes as a result of training one’s voice often leads to huge changes in my client’s lives. Among the changes that may come as a result of developing your […]

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How Tone of Voice Can Lie

Did you ever talk to an English person and get confused because what they were saying to you didn’t quite seem to make sense? – Perhaps you encountered one of the sophisticated liars of England who make use of tone of voice and speaking style to appear nice, professional or kind when telling you something that doesn’t quite make sense and often means the opposite.

The sophisticated liars of England are […]

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How I really Talk

How I speak in real life…

My real voice and speaking style is monotone and my face is lacking in expression as I speak. The reason that I do not naturally have an expressive voice or speaking style is due to my having Asperger’s Syndrome. I taught myself how to become more expressive via the process of making videos for this YouTube channel. If you look back at older videos you will see a […]

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Reduce a Nasal Voice

A nasal voice is a voice that travels through the nose. This puts lots of resonance from the nose into the speaking voice. Some people consider the nasal qualities to be unpleasant.


Click for Speaking Skills Practice: Download Video Transcript

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Spasmodic Dysphonia Example Voice and Healing Advice

Spasmodic dysphonia is a speech disorder where the voice cuts out. What happens from a medical perspective is that the voice box and/or glottis spasms while the person is speaking. A example of a person speaking with a mild case of spasmodic dysphonia can be heard in the video below:

For more videos from Sara Conte CLICK HERE.

What I picked up from Sara’s voice is that there is a lot of forcing in it in the […]

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The Beautiful and Painful Longing For Connection

Language is painfully isolating at times. Here is a video about the beautiful and painful longing for connection through language.

For more short films from National Geographic CLICK HERE.

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I Speak too Fast: How to Slow Down

Do you speak too fast? Here’s how you can slow yourself down…

Being able to speak quickly and clearly while employing a wide vocabulary is a sign of high intelligence. If you fall into this category of fast speakers I do not recommend you work to slow down your rate of speech. This is because fast speech brings with it benefits of increased perceived intelligence and greater social dominance in groups.

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How To Speak Seductively Like Kylie Jenner

Want to speak sexy and seductive like Kylie Jenner? Click to watch Kylie Jenner’s voice tutorial in the video below:

To speak with a sexy, seductive voice it is first necessary to drop the resonance of your voice. When Kylie Jenner speaks, the resonance comes from the chest and around the heart. This brings soft, nurturing vibrations into the voice.

The intimate quality of Kylie’s voice comes from her breathy way of speaking which […]

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Exercises to Reduce a Lisp

Lisping is /s/ and /z/ sounds are not said clearly. Here’s are some speech training exercises for your lisp…

A lisp occurs when the tongue is either too far forward or too low when making the /s/ or /z/ sounds. Sometimes a person’s lispy /s/ sounds more like a /th/. For others, the lisp sound made when speaking is wet because of the tongue being placed low behind the bottom teeth.

As lisping […]

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How to Read Aloud

People who tend to feel self-conscious when reading in front of an audience put on a boring voice when reading aloud. The boring and flat tone of voice used by reluctant readers sends everyone listening to sleep! Here are some tips to bring life to your voice next time you find yourself reading aloud in a classroom, work or social situation.

You Gotta ‘Own It’
Due to nerves a lot of people read aloud either too […]

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Vocal Exercises – How to Get a Good Speaking Voice

Train your Voice with Vocal Exercises

Speaking with your best voice requires voice resonance to be concentrated in the mask area of your face (the area where you would wear an oxygen mask). Voice resonance simply means the vibrations present in the sound of your voice. If you do not currently speak with your best speaking voice, it may be that your voice is too nasal (vibrations coming from the nose) or that you’re speaking […]

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