Received Pronunciation and Politics in Britain

In the British political landscape, accent matters! You’ve either got to be posh or mockney to make it…

The way we speak is constantly evolving. As time passes, it is normal to observe a person’s speaking pattern change in terms of accent and vocabulary. In this video I talk about how British politics influences the way people speak English in their daily lives. This video was filmed soon after the relection of the Conservative Party […]

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How to make /p/ and /b/ sounds pronunciation lesson

Aspirated and Unaspirated Sound Training

In this video get accent training to make the /p/ and /b/ sounds in English. A lot of people have a problem making a clear distinction between these two sounds. This often happens because you do not have both of these sounds in your native language – as is the case in Arabic.

The difference between the two sounds is simpler than it seems at first. The difference is that the […]

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How to Get a Clear Accent Training

Clear Accent Training Exercise

When you have good clarity of speech it means that people can understand you well, whatever your accent. If you find that people don’t understand you easily, it might not be a problem with your accent. In fact, your problem may be that you lack clarity of speech. When you do not speak clearly it is hard for other people to understand you.

People sometimes have a problem with clarity of speech […]

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Difference between ‘can’t’ and ‘cunt’ pronunciation

Can’t Vs Cunt Pronunciation

Not knowing the pronunciation between ‘can’t’ and ‘cunt’ in English can get you into embarrassing situations in an English speaking country. That’s because ‘cunt’ is one of the worst swear words you can say in English.

However, the difference in the pronunciation of the two sounds is not hard to learn so don’t worry about saying the wrong word.

In British English the word ‘can’t’ has a long /a:/ vowel. The phonemic spelling […]

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How to Speak Naturally Like a Native Speaker – Schwa Sound

Great Pronunciation Doesn’t Mean Saying Every Word Perfectly

When a child reads a story the individual words are sometimes read in the right way but without any rhythm. This gives the story a staccato quality where there are no stressed or unstressed words in a word and every word in the sentence has the same rhythm. The problem with this is that it is very hard to follow what happens in the story when someone […]

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What Is The Rhythm of The English Language?

Master the Rhythm of English to Speak English Well

Many people find it difficult to understand the concept of rhythm when learning English, but actually it’s a lot more simple than it seems at first. There is a secret to understanding the rhythm of English, which I’m about to reveal to you.

That secret is iambic pentameter – de dum, de dum, de dum, de dum, de dum.

It’s amazingly simple and that’s all you really need […]

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3 Words Americans Don’t Say Right

England enjoys a wide variety of accents and pronunciations for such a small country. America, on the other hand, is massive and is home to an equally massive variety of accents and pronunciations. They have even developed a new way of speaking English, known as American English. Some words are pronounced so differently in American English that they sound strange and funny to those of us who grew up speaking English English, or […]

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