What I Really Think of the R.P. Accent (honestly this time…)

When I make videos about the R.P. (Received Pronunciation) accent, people tend to get upset. I think that’s because some people feel like I am being critical of the way they have learnt to speak English – but is that really so? Or am I just observing subtle realities in language and the voice that the great majority of people cannot hear themselves?

In 2013 I made lots of videos about the R.P. accent that […]

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Posh VS Cockney Jane Austen (Old Video)

Here’s an old video filmed while I was living in Dubai. Let me know in a comment which acting you like more – posh or cockney!


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Posh Boys’ Names (UK)

What first names are trendy and posh for boys in the UK? Find out posh boys names and learn IPA…


 Download High Quality Audio 8MB: CLICK HERE.

Trendy Posh Boys’ Names UK


Do you know any posh boys’ names that are not on my list? Leave a comment below…


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Is Niomi Smart Posh?

Watching Niomi Smart’s lifestyle videos on YouTube took me in the direction of pondering whether or not she is posh, and if so, what it means to be ‘posh’ in England these days. PLEASE NOTE: the post that follows consists of light-hearted speculation about Niomi’s ‘poshness’ based on my having followed her YouTube channel for about a year. At the time of writing, not a lot of biographical about Niomi Smart is available online therefore much of […]

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Mastering The British Accent – Best Ever Tip!

Want to master the British accent? Introducing the best British accent tip you will ever learn!!!

When working to train your British accent, the first step is to make sure you know how and where to pronounce the key sounds in a British English accent. This part is easy, and as long as you have patience and persevere, you will learn how to say each sound clearly and precisely.

The next much more important step, which […]

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British Accent Pack – Free Download

Are you interested to learn a British accent? Here’s everything you need to know about developing a natural British accent…

british-accent-packGet Started with YOUR British Accent Training Today

  • What British accent should you learn?
  • Watch video examples of British accents
  • Celebrity accents: what accents do famous British people have?
  • Find out about […]
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Cara Delevingne: What Accent Does She Have?

Cara Delevingne’s accent is the modern Sloane accent – the accent of upper class Londoners from Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Belgravia. It’s a specific way of speaking which blends features of Heightened R.P. (an extremely posh accent) with the influence of lower class pronunciations specific to London. The result is an accent that is both exclusive and edgy at the same time. The blend of ‘high’ and ‘low’ pronunciations may be one of the contributing […]

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The British Accent – According to The World!

The British accent according to the world is elegant, sexy and upper class. Please take note: real British people don’t sound like the people in these clips! The British accent according to the world is based on an old-fashioned stereotype that probably NEVER existed in real life.

To learn how to get a perfectly natural British accent FAST – CLICK HERE.


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Upper Class British Accent – Famous Examples

Examples of a British Upper Class accent also known as Heightened R.P. (Received Pronunciation)…



British Upper Class Accent Examples

Downton Abbey – actors in wedding scene

Jacob Rees-Mogg – Conservative Party Politician

Sir Patrick Moore – deceased astronomer

Sophie Winkleman – actress

Duchess of Cambridge – wife of Prince William

Dowager Duchess of Devonshire – deceased royal

Would you like to get a British accent FAST? CLICK HERE


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How To Speak With A Clear British Accent

The British are known across the world for speaking with a clear and precise accent (otherwise known as Received Pronunciation or R.P.). To be able to speak with a clear British English accent it is first necessary to develop and strengthen the facial muscles at the side of the mouth. Once you have trained up these muscles by doing the speech training exercise I demonstrate in the video, you too will be able to […]

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Received Pronunciation and Politics in Britain

In the British political landscape, accent matters! You’ve either got to be posh or mockney to make it…

The way we speak is constantly evolving. As time passes, it is normal to observe a person’s speaking pattern change in terms of accent and vocabulary. In this video I talk about how British politics influences the way people speak English in their daily lives. This video was filmed soon after the relection of the Conservative Party […]

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How to Speak Posh English

Posh Phrases and Vocabulary

Talking English with a posh accent isn’t just about the sounds you use, it’s also about the vocabulary you use. Here are some words you can use in your speech to give the impression of posh English. The words themselves don’t carry a lot of meaning as they are often used as conversational fillers.

Ya or yah – the posh accent way of saying yes
yah no yah – a posh […]

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I Have a Fake Accent – Singlish

‘I Hate the Singlish Accent’

Singlish is a variety of English that has its own unique grammar, vocabulary, and expressions. It’s different to British or American English but it is not in fact incorrect English. It has it’s own rules and people do not speak that way just because they have not been educated properly. They speak that way because that variety of English evolved in Malaysia, from a different group of people.

It’s wrong to […]

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Why Posh People are Cold

How Emotion is Expressed in Accent

In Britain social class has an impact on how emotion is expressed in speech and communication. Upper class people and working class people do not express emotion in their voices in the same way.

A traditional idea of Britishness is that British people are reserved and distant. There is an expression ‘keeping a stiff upper lip,’ which means keeping calm in an emotional situation and not letting it affect you. […]

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Why Do People Care About Accent So Much?

Understand Why Some People are Critical About Accents – Accent Snobs

This video is about accent snobs. A snob is someone who believes that someone’s status in society also implies their human worth. Posh accent snobs look down on people who don’t speak in a posh accent. Being ‘posh’ typically implies that you are from a wealthy family that is very traditional in its practices and outlook and usually means that you have studied in […]

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