What is The Best British Accent?

Rethink your Decision to Speak with an R.P. British Accent

R.P. is an old fashioned and upper class (posh), type of pronunciation. While the rest of the world often imagines that most English people speak this way, it has actually become very rare in everyday use.  The reason people from outside of England think that we speak in this way is because it has been the most common type of English accent in […]

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3 Words Americans Don’t Say Right

England enjoys a wide variety of accents and pronunciations for such a small country. America, on the other hand, is massive and is home to an equally massive variety of accents and pronunciations. They have even developed a new way of speaking English, known as American English. Some words are pronounced so differently in American English that they sound strange and funny to those of us who grew up speaking English English, or […]

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