Birmingham Accent and Phrases

How to Do a Brummie Accent

Perdita Lawton voice over artist gives us some tips, tricks and phrases to do a Birmingham accent…

(1) Dreary tone of voice – the energy of the Birmingham accent tends to be monotonous. *Only people actually from Birmingham, such as Perdita, are allowed to say the accent is dreary, however. đŸ˜‰

(2) Positioned at the front of the mouth – place the accent on the tip of your tongue just behind […]

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Cockney Accent and Phrases

Perdita Lawton’s tips and tricks to speak with a perfect London accent that will convince anyone that you’re a cockney…

(1) In the cockney accent the letter /h/ at the beginning of words such as dropped. ‘Hard’ becomes ‘ard’.

(2) Cockneys also change the sound of words ending in -er such as ‘butter’. The final syllable in in the word is replaced with a schwa sound and no /r/ consonant is pronounced.

(3) Letter /t/ in the […]

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What Does a Gay Voice Sound Like?

Features and Qualities of Gay Speech

What does it mean for a man to sound gay? When a person sounds gay it is due to a combination of factors that can be observed in the voice. While some of the aspects are physical, the other aspects are speech habits / speech mannerisms. It is possible to sound either more or less gay by increasing/decreasing the following aspects of gay speech in your voice and style […]

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How to Speak Properly

Focus on Accent, Articulation and Performance to Speak Properly

We do not need to completely change our accents in order to speak properly. It is possible to speak in a more refined and sophisticated way by making small adjustments to the content, articulation and performance of speech.

Speech Content – your speech should be timelessly elegant like a little black dress. This means that you avoid trendy words, slang and local expressions because this kind of […]

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How to Understand Americans

Stereotypical American Phrases Translated into British English

Sometimes it is hard to understand Americans because there are so many accents in the USA and we don’t know the sayings and expressions they use. I translate the most common American expressions so you can find out what Americans really mean.

The most important phrases you will need for a visit to the USA:

howdy – how do you do?
jeez louise – for heaven’s sake
aw shucks – how will […]

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How to Change your Accent

In my work as a speaking skills coach, there are three principles I apply when working with people who want to change their accents. Apply these three principles and you will succeed in reducing or changing your accent.

Awareness – Having awareness of your speech means that you are able to observe the way you speak. You can train yourself to become aware of your speech so that you notice aspects of speech that you […]

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I Have a Fake Accent – Singlish

‘I Hate the Singlish Accent’

Singlish is a variety of English that has its own unique grammar, vocabulary, and expressions. It’s different to British or American English but it is not in fact incorrect English. It has it’s own rules and people do not speak that way just because they have not been educated properly. They speak that way because that variety of English evolved in Malaysia, from a different group of people.

It’s wrong to […]

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How to Get a Clear Accent Training

Clear Accent Training Exercise

When you have good clarity of speech it means that people can understand you well, whatever your accent. If you find that people don’t understand you easily, it might not be a problem with your accent. In fact, your problem may be that you lack clarity of speech. When you do not speak clearly it is hard for other people to understand you.

People sometimes have a problem with clarity of speech […]

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Why Posh People are Cold

How Emotion is Expressed in Accent

In Britain social class has an impact on how emotion is expressed in speech and communication. Upper class people and working class people do not express emotion in their voices in the same way.

A traditional idea of Britishness is that British people are reserved and distant. There is an expression ‘keeping a stiff upper lip,’ which means keeping calm in an emotional situation and not letting it affect you. […]

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How to Speak Naturally Like a Native Speaker – Schwa Sound

Great Pronunciation Doesn’t Mean Saying Every Word Perfectly

When a child reads a story the individual words are sometimes read in the right way but without any rhythm. This gives the story a staccato quality where there are no stressed or unstressed words in a word and every word in the sentence has the same rhythm. The problem with this is that it is very hard to follow what happens in the story when someone […]

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Why Do People Care About Accent So Much?

Understand Why Some People are Critical About Accents – Accent Snobs

This video is about accent snobs. A snob is someone who believes that someone’s status in society also implies their human worth. Posh accent snobs look down on people who don’t speak in a posh accent. Being ‘posh’ typically implies that you are from a wealthy family that is very traditional in its practices and outlook and usually means that you have studied in […]

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How to Speak Posh English

This video is about the way posh people speak in the UK. Being ‘posh’ typically implies that you are from a wealthy family that is very traditional in its practices and outlook and usually means that you were privately educated and went to a school where there were fees to pay. Although calling someone ‘posh’ has come to be perceived as a pejorative term, or in other words an insult, I think it’s all […]

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What is The Best British Accent?

Rethink your Decision to Speak with an R.P. British Accent

R.P. is an old fashioned and upper class (posh), type of pronunciation. While the rest of the world often imagines that most English people speak this way, it has actually become very rare in everyday use.  The reason people from outside of England think that we speak in this way is because it has been the most common type of English accent in […]

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3 Words Americans Don’t Say Right

England enjoys a wide variety of accents and pronunciations for such a small country. America, on the other hand, is massive and is home to an equally massive variety of accents and pronunciations. They have even developed a new way of speaking English, known as American English. Some words are pronounced so differently in American English that they sound strange and funny to those of us who grew up speaking English English, or […]

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