What Accent Does CutiePieMarzia Have?

The Short Answer – CutiePieMarzia speaks English with an international English accent. Her accent is a blend of American English pronunciations, Swedish intonation, and an Italian rhythm of speech!

The In-Depth Answer Fashion and lifestyle blogger CutiePieMarzia is a non-native speaker of English from Italy who has spent time living in Sweden as well as the UK. She has also taken extended trips to the USA, spending approximately one month per […]

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What Accent Does Zoella Have?

Youtube star Zoella is from Lacock in Wiltshire (the county of Wiltshire is part of the West Country region of the UK) and currently lives in Brighton (South East of England). The most dominant pronunciation patterns in her accent reflect the standard southern British accent, which is spoken in the South East of England, for example in Brighton. However, certain pronunciations in her accent have a ‘country-ish’ West Country ring to them.

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British Accent Pack – Free Download

Are you interested to learn a British accent? Here’s everything you need to know about developing a natural British accent…

british-accent-packGet Started with YOUR British Accent Training Today

  • What British accent should you learn?
  • Watch video examples of British accents
  • Celebrity accents: what accents do famous British people have?
  • Find out about […]
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Cara Delevingne: What Accent Does She Have?

Cara Delevingne’s accent is the modern Sloane accent – the accent of upper class Londoners from Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Belgravia. It’s a specific way of speaking which blends features of Heightened R.P. (an extremely posh accent) with the influence of lower class pronunciations specific to London. The result is an accent that is both exclusive and edgy at the same time. The blend of ‘high’ and ‘low’ pronunciations may be one of the contributing […]

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The British Accent – According to The World!

The British accent according to the world is elegant, sexy and upper class. Please take note: real British people don’t sound like the people in these clips! The British accent according to the world is based on an old-fashioned stereotype that probably NEVER existed in real life.

To learn how to get a perfectly natural British accent FAST – CLICK HERE.


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Upper Class British Accent – Famous Examples

Examples of a British Upper Class accent also known as Heightened R.P. (Received Pronunciation)…



British Upper Class Accent Examples

Downton Abbey – actors in wedding scene

Jacob Rees-Mogg – Conservative Party Politician

Sir Patrick Moore – deceased astronomer

Sophie Winkleman – actress

Duchess of Cambridge – wife of Prince William

Dowager Duchess of Devonshire – deceased royal

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How To Speak With A Clear British Accent

The British are known across the world for speaking with a clear and precise accent (otherwise known as Received Pronunciation or R.P.). To be able to speak with a clear British English accent it is first necessary to develop and strengthen the facial muscles at the side of the mouth. Once you have trained up these muscles by doing the speech training exercise I demonstrate in the video, you too will be able to […]

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Things People Shout On The Jeremy Kyle Show…

Introducing you to Jeremy Kyle English!

Jeremy Kyle English refers to the non-standard varieties of British English that you hear on the Jeremy Kyle chat show. The people on the show can be quite hard to understand: lucky for you I made a list of the common phrases and expressions you hear people shout!

Things People Say on Jeremy Kyle:
at the end of the day
you’re having a laugh
you’re doing my head in
you’re out of order
to swear […]

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How to do a “British Accent” – Accent Tour

Accents of the UK

Perdita Lawton voice over artist gives us some tips, tricks and phrases to speak in a variety of British accents from the UK…

Yorkshire accent – the lyrical sound of the Yorkshire accent requires a tight mouth.

Welsh accent from The Valleys – make sure that when you try the Welsh accent you have a ‘sing-song’ tone of voice.

Sommerset accent – say ‘combine harvester’ while keeping your pronunciation soft.

Essex accent – the Essex […]

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American Accent Tour

Accents of the USA

Perdita Lawton voice over artist gives us some tips, tricks and phrases to speak as characters with American accents…

New York Bronx Accent – to sound like you’re from the Bronx say ‘coffee’ as many times as possible while eating a bagel.

Standard American Accent (East Coast) – try saying, ‘I’ll get a cheeseburger and fries’ or ‘I love cheeseburger and fries’. **Calm down we’re only joking. 😉

Jade’s Lisping American Nerd Accent- don’t […]

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How to Do a Scouse Accent

The Liverpool Accent

Perdita lawton voice over artist gives us some tips, tricks and phrases to do a fast, funny and friendly accent as if you were a real Scouser…

(1) High pitched – the Liverpool accent tends to have a high pitch.

(2) High question intonation – the ends of sentences tend to raise in intonation as if a question is being asked. This quality of the scouse accent encourages conversation and gives a friendly impression.

(3) Wet […]

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Birmingham Accent and Phrases

How to Do a Brummie Accent

Perdita Lawton voice over artist gives us some tips, tricks and phrases to do a Birmingham accent…

(1) Dreary tone of voice – the energy of the Birmingham accent tends to be monotonous. *Only people actually from Birmingham, such as Perdita, are allowed to say the accent is dreary, however. 😉

(2) Positioned at the front of the mouth – place the accent on the tip of your tongue just behind […]

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Cockney Accent and Phrases

Perdita Lawton’s tips and tricks to speak with a perfect London accent that will convince anyone that you’re a cockney…

(1) In the cockney accent the letter /h/ at the beginning of words such as dropped. ‘Hard’ becomes ‘ard’.

(2) Cockneys also change the sound of words ending in -er such as ‘butter’. The final syllable in in the word is replaced with a schwa sound and no /r/ consonant is pronounced.

(3) Letter /t/ in the […]

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What Does a Gay Voice Sound Like?

Features and Qualities of Gay Speech

What does it mean for a man to sound gay? When a person sounds gay it is due to a combination of factors that can be observed in the voice. While some of the aspects are physical, the other aspects are speech habits / speech mannerisms. It is possible to sound either more or less gay by increasing/decreasing the following aspects of gay speech in your voice and style […]

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How to Speak Properly

Focus on Accent, Articulation and Performance to Speak Properly

We do not need to completely change our accents in order to speak properly. It is possible to speak in a more refined and sophisticated way by making small adjustments to the content, articulation and performance of speech.

Speech Content – your speech should be timelessly elegant like a little black dress. This means that you avoid trendy words, slang and local expressions because this kind of […]

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