Kate Moss: How She Speaks

Kate Moss has been at the centre of British fashion since the 90’s. We are all familiar with her famous face, but not so much with the voice that goes with it. This is because for much of her fashion career, Kate Moss avoided appearing in radio or television spoken interviews. After keeping silent for so long, Kate Moss is increasingly appearing once again in video in spoken interviews. This post speculates as to why […]

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What Accent Does Zoella Have?

Youtube star Zoella is from Lacock in Wiltshire (the county of Wiltshire is part of the West Country region of the UK) and currently lives in Brighton (South East of England). The most dominant pronunciation patterns in her accent reflect the standard southern British accent, which is spoken in the South East of England, for example in Brighton. However, certain pronunciations in her accent have a ‘country-ish’ West Country ring to them.

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Things People Shout On The Jeremy Kyle Show…

Introducing you to Jeremy Kyle English!

Jeremy Kyle English refers to the non-standard varieties of British English that you hear on the Jeremy Kyle chat show. The people on the show can be quite hard to understand: lucky for you I made a list of the common phrases and expressions you hear people shout!

Things People Say on Jeremy Kyle:
at the end of the day
you’re having a laugh
you’re doing my head in
you’re out of order
to swear […]

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