How To Speak Seductively Like Kylie Jenner

Want to speak sexy and seductive like Kylie Jenner? Click to watch Kylie Jenner’s voice tutorial in the video below:

To speak with a sexy, seductive voice it is first necessary to drop the resonance of your voice. When Kylie Jenner speaks, the resonance comes from the chest and around the heart. This brings soft, nurturing vibrations into the voice.

The intimate quality of Kylie’s voice comes from her breathy way of speaking which […]

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American Accent Tour

Accents of the USA

Perdita Lawton voice over artist gives us some tips, tricks and phrases to speak as characters with American accents…

New York Bronx Accent – to sound like you’re from the Bronx say ‘coffee’ as many times as possible while eating a bagel.

Standard American Accent (East Coast) – try saying, ‘I’ll get a cheeseburger and fries’ or ‘I love cheeseburger and fries’. **Calm down we’re only joking. 😉

Jade’s Lisping American Nerd Accent- don’t […]

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How to Understand Americans

Stereotypical American Phrases Translated into British English

Sometimes it is hard to understand Americans because there are so many accents in the USA and we don’t know the sayings and expressions they use. I translate the most common American expressions so you can find out what Americans really mean.

The most important phrases you will need for a visit to the USA:

howdy – how do you do?
jeez louise – for heaven’s sake
aw shucks – how will […]

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3 Words Americans Don’t Say Right

England enjoys a wide variety of accents and pronunciations for such a small country. America, on the other hand, is massive and is home to an equally massive variety of accents and pronunciations. They have even developed a new way of speaking English, known as American English. Some words are pronounced so differently in American English that they sound strange and funny to those of us who grew up speaking English English, or […]

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