‘Thanks for Everything’: Feedback on my Accent Course

I received a review of my accent course from Alex who is learning the Estuary English accent (so that he doesn’t sound like he is from any particular social class but somewhere in-between). Here’s what he had to say…

My name is Alex and I am from the Netherlands.
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating your accent training course.
For years I have been trying to get the […]

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More Than an Accent Course

Here’s a review by Eleni who joined my accent course a couple of months ago. Eleni didn’t need accent training to get a British accent but she did want to improve the tone and expression of her way of speaking.

Eleni’s Review

I grew up in a Greek-speaking home, in New York City, in Queens. Yes, you can understand that my speaking voice could use some refinement.

In the summer of 2016, I joined the Thomson-Reuters […]

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/L/ and /R/ Pronunciation: The Thai Way!

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Scottish Lift Voice Recognition Error

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I (Heart) Chinese Obama

Enough said…

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What I Really Think of the R.P. Accent (honestly this time…)

When I make videos about the R.P. (Received Pronunciation) accent, people tend to get upset. I think that’s because some people feel like I am being critical of the way they have learnt to speak English – but is that really so? Or am I just observing subtle realities in language and the voice that the great majority of people cannot hear themselves?

In 2013 I made lots of videos about the R.P. accent that […]

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Funny Flashback — Chavvy English

I came across this old video of mine where I do some chavvy English accents and common catchphrases. (Chavvy means low class / common). I wonder how much you can understand? :p



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Speak Like a REAL Londoner

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The Language of EastEnders

Guest post by Nina Lalumia

This is a celebration of the rich language of EastEnders, the long-running BBC drama that takes places in the fictional working-class neighbourhood of Walford in London. Before starting out, I do want to say a little bit about the other reasons I love the show. It presents a diverse range of characters: white and black, Christian and Muslim, gay and straight. But none of them are placed artificially to serve a […]

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How to Pronounce Places in London – The Cockney Way

How to say names of places in London in a Cockney / Estuary English accent.


(1) Ends in -ham

(2) Ends in -den / -don

(3) Ends in -ton
Stoke Newington

(4) th fronting
South London
North London
Bethnal Green

(5) Dark /l/
Forest Hill
Russell Square
Crystal Palace
BUT NOT: London Bridge, Leyton or Turnpike Lane

(6) Glottals either /t/ /p/ or /k/

(7) H-dropping
Hackney Wick
High […]

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Is Niomi Smart Posh?

Watching Niomi Smart’s lifestyle videos on YouTube took me in the direction of pondering whether or not she is posh, and if so, what it means to be ‘posh’ in England these days. PLEASE NOTE: the post that follows consists of light-hearted speculation about Niomi’s ‘poshness’ based on my having followed her YouTube channel for about a year. At the time of writing, not a lot of biographical about Niomi Smart is available online therefore much of […]

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London’s Modern Cockney: Jayde Pierce

The Short Answer: Jayde Pierce has a Cockney accent featuring modern pronunciations.

The In-Depth Answer: British model and Instagram personality Jayde Pierce (rumoured to have dated Justin Bieber) speaks with a delicious, modern Cockney accent. Her manner of speaking reflects how London’s Cockney accent has evolved away from its harsh and grating origins. When listening to Jayde Pierce speak, I hear an authentic London voice that reflects how people with a working class background actually speak in real life in and […]

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How to Do (Any) Accent – Accent Improvisation!

For such a small country, the British Isles has an incredible variety of accents and dialects. It’s amazing how different we sound considering we speak the same language. If you are looking to expand your repertoire of British accents, or any accent for that matter, here’s my advice to you – improvise and have fun experimenting with your target accent.

Accent Improvisation Exercise

(1) Imagine your ‘character’: every accent has a life of it’s […]

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Kate Moss: How She Speaks

Kate Moss has been at the centre of British fashion since the 90’s. We are all familiar with her famous face, but not so much with the voice that goes with it. This is because for much of her fashion career, Kate Moss avoided appearing in radio or television spoken interviews. After keeping silent for so long, Kate Moss is increasingly appearing once again in video in spoken interviews. This post speculates as to why […]

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Mastering The British Accent – Best Ever Tip!

Want to master the British accent? Introducing the best British accent tip you will ever learn!!!

When working to train your British accent, the first step is to make sure you know how and where to pronounce the key sounds in a British English accent. This part is easy, and as long as you have patience and persevere, you will learn how to say each sound clearly and precisely.

The next much more important step, which […]

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