How to Stop Being a Perfectionist with Writing

In my opinion and experience there are two kinds of perfectionism: one kind of perfectionism is the kind in which one is never satisfied with what is created, and the other kind is a blocked kind of perfectionism in which the perfectionist cannot even begin the task. This video talks specifically about the blocked kind of perfectionism and how to overcome it. The reflections are based on my own personal life experience.

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Learning English Has Turned Me Into a Shy Person – HELP!

Talking about muteness in foreign language situations.

This email is my advice reply to a fan email. The issue is that after a year and a half of studying English abroad in a language school he can still barely speak a word. During this experience his whole personality has changed from confident to shy.

He writes in his email that he was originally shy as a child / young person but he got over it in […]

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The Migrant Crisis

My thoughts about the migrant crisis come from two strongly held values I have about life. (1) Freedom of movement for all people. (2) Hard work, discipline and a certain amount of grit to get what you want in life.




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Getting work done on your mouth…

Ever thought about getting braces or lip fillers? Here are my thoughts…

Today’s video is part of my comfort zone series – where I challenge myself to record videos in ways that are at the edge of my comfort zone. Today’s challenge was to talk more slowly and to film in a single take. My promise to myself was to keep going no matter how hard I wanted to go back to the beginning and […]

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How to Speak More in Class

Shy to speak in class? Here’s what to do…

I am filming this video outside to show the process of pushing through the fear of speaking up in public. I challenged myself to film in noisy, ‘ugly’ environments which you don’t normally see in my videos. I also film inside in a shopping centre, which made me feel particularly nervous.

The Six Steps to Speak More in Class…

Step One: Choose your position.

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Perfectionism and Shyness

Here’s me speaking at the edge of my comfort zone where there is no such thing as perfect.

I decided to make this video because the perfect videos filmed in my introvert’s cave are not authentic. Most of the videos on my channel show me talking at my best when I am not shy, blocked or being distracted by noise. They present a perfect video self that isn’t true.

By recording myself in public at the […]

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4 Sneaky Ways Introverts Seek Approval

Are you seeking approval without even realising it? Here are 4 sneaky ways that introverts seek approval from the people in their lives…

NOTE: This video has a follow-up related video that you can watch HERE.

When we go around seeking the approval of people in our lives, we can never be satisfied. It doesn’t matter if a hundred people like us or agree with us – like approval seeking addicts, we still crave more […]

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The ‘I Approve of Me’ Smoothie

The solar plexus chakra governs our self-image and how comfortable we feel just being ourselves. If you struggle with shyness or being yourself, here’s my recipe for an ‘I Approve of Me’ smoothie to fire up your solar plexus chakra.

While drinking your smoothie, say to yourself the following sentences:

I like me.

I’m a good person.

I approve of me.

I am a magnificent, eternal shining sun.

I shine bright like the yellow sun that I am.

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How To Be More Social (Come As You Are)

Do you spend too much time alone avoiding opportunities to socialise?

I know what that feels like and here’s my solution…

I put a lot of pressure on myself in social situations. There is this part of me that is always striving and working away to bring her very best self along to the gathering. I realised that is a dumb thing to do because it is very tiring to sparkle each and every time you […]

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