Selective Mutism – I Don’t Speak

Why Some People Don’t Speak and What it Tells you About your Own Communication Problems

In each of us our ability to express ourselves and connect deeply with others is limited by the presence of communication blocks. While most of us are not really aware of the damage we have experienced that is limiting our communication, in some people the presence of communication blocks is obvious. For selective mutes – people who can talk but […]

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I want to be alone

Understanding Introverts and Alone Time

When I spend time around people in social situation or just around people in general, I absorb the energy of the place and the way people feel in it. This makes me lose my balance and I don’t feel like my normal self. I don’t like feeling this way, which has led me to make choices in my life where I can protect my need for alone time.

Before I knew […]

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How to Stop Hesitation in Speech

Get Control of  Hesitations and Stutters when Speaking

Most people will experience moments in their lives where hesitation creeps into their speech. It happens in new situations, when you step outside of your comfort-zone and feel nervous. Typical situations where people have an issue with hesitation in their speech are job interviews or when giving presentations.

By hesitation I mean the sounds we make when our thoughts are disorganised. I also consider stuttering, when a word […]

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How to Stop Shyness when Speaking English

When you are a shy speaker it means that when you speak a different language, you find yourself suddenly shy and you have uncomfortable feelings. You may find that you choose not to say anything when you have the opportunity to speak the other language. You can be a shy speaker of other languages even if you are not shy in your own language.

Introverts usually have the problem of being shy speakers of other […]

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Why Posh People are Cold

How Emotion is Expressed in Accent

In Britain social class has an impact on how emotion is expressed in speech and communication. Upper class people and working class people do not express emotion in their voices in the same way.

A traditional idea of Britishness is that British people are reserved and distant. There is an expression ‘keeping a stiff upper lip,’ which means keeping calm in an emotional situation and not letting it affect you. […]

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