From Fun to Freakout – NYE Aftermath Meltdown

Here’s a description of a meltdown I had following a NYE party. A meltdown is a kind of angry panic attack that can happen as a result of over-stimulation and/or a stressful situation in a person who has Asperger’s Syndrome or Asperger’s traits.  Although in some circumstances I am able to stop the meltdown as it develops, on this occurrence I was not able […]

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How ‘Not Talking’ to People Actually Hurts You

I come from a family that makes use of the silent treatment to communicate anger. When I was a kid, sometimes I used to go to my grandparents’ house during the times that they weren’t talking to each other due to an argument between them. Sometimes their periods of silence would last for a long time, even weeks, meanwhile they lived together in the same house under a tense and uncomfortable, silent atmosphere. If they […]

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Big Five Personality Test – My Score

In this post I will provide a commentary for my score in the Big Five Personality Test. If you would like to do the test you can do so HERE. You can also take the test in German, Dutch or Spanish (see the top-right of the page in small font). I recommend you take the test first before reading my commentary. 

The Big Five […]

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Introvert or Asperger’s Traits?

Outlining a few major traits of Asperger’s syndrome. Does this sound like you?


Download Video Transcript


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Asperger’s Traits in Women: About Me

I have not been formally diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. This post lists the traits of Asperger’s Syndrome in women and gives commentary on my personal experience. To view the original, full list of Asperger’s traits in women, CLICK HERE. (I skipped traits that were ambiguous or unclear in my understanding.)


(1) Dresses comfortably due to sensory issues – YES. I pretty much […]

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How to stop your mind going blank in interviews

Do you freeze or does your mind go blank in job interviews? For some people, going into stressful speaking situations such as job interviews triggers a ‘fight or flight’ panic response to happen in them. What the freeze panic response feels like is that you can’t speak or your mind goes completely blank for a moment. Whether it lasts for a second or a couple of seconds you are unable to react, like a […]

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Extreme Shyness and a Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

This post is based upon personal reflection regarding the third chakra (solar plexus chakra) and the role it plays a role in extreme introversion and shyness.


Blocked solar plexus chakra – The third chakra is the seat of one’s personal power and sense of self. When this chakra is open and balanced it allows you to express yourself with confidence and to show your ‘real self’. On the other hand, when this chakra is […]

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My Asperger’s Syndrome Quiz Score

At suggestion of fans with Asperger’s Syndrome who read this blog, I decided to take an Asperger’s Syndrome quiz. If you would like to take the test yourself you can do it here.

The questions on the Aspie Quiz cover 4 categories:  neurotypical traits (non-Aspie) , neurodiverse traits (Aspie) , people skills and intellectual skills. For each question you have to choose whether a specific trait […]

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Is Turkey The Hardest Place to Make Friends?

Today I am feeling sorry for myself so I decided to write about my experience of making friends in Turkey. 

I have had enough international experience of living in different places to know that every place in the world has different social rules about friendship and making friends. When you move to a new country you can’t just expect it to be the same as what you are used to in you […]

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Everyday Ways People Hurt and Confuse You In Life

I have learned that people may act in confusing and hurtful ways. Here are some ‘small’ confusing things I have experienced that hurt me more than you might imagine…

(1) Invited to Get in Touch – Then Blanked – One day I was walking my mum’s dog when an old family friend stopped me in the street. When I was a child we used to go on holiday together. She seemed really happy to […]

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Why Can’t Italians Speak English?

Have you ever wondered why so many Italians have poor English speaking skills? Hint: it’s not what you think…

PLEASE NOTE: the observations and reflections shared in this post are based on having visited Italy a number of times over a 10-year period and each time having been the guest of (different) Italians. As a result of these trips, I’ve got to know Italians from across the country (from South to North) from […]

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Why Can’t I Feel Emotions Anymore? (Emotional Numbness and Depression)

What emotional numbness is like and what to do to start feeling again…

Not being able to feel your emotions means living your life for an extended period of time in which you are not able to feel anything with intensity. When emotionally numb, you will not feel sadness or despair strongly. At the same time you will not feel joy or excitement. Numbing one’s emotions tends to happen gradually, and the first time(s) it […]

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10 Reasons Your Reaching Out Email was Ignored

Have you ever reached out to an internet personality via email only to find that your message was ignored? Here are the ten reasons in my personal experience that I may choose not to reply to unsolicited emails (emails that I did not request to receive in the first place).

(1) You Made a Demand

When a stranger emails you with no background information and immediately demands something from you, it acts as a strong repellent. For example, someone I […]

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Boundary Violations – How to Nip Them in The Bud

Your personal space needs to be protected. If you don’t speak up and act to protect your boundaries in a situation where someone infringes on you to the point where you feel uncomfortable, the person will continue to invade your space. If you continue to say or do nothing, in most cases, the boundary breaker will go even further when given the next opportunity.

It is important and necessary to defend your personal space because to […]

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How to Speak More in Class

Shy to speak in class? Here’s what to do…

I am filming this video outside to show the process of pushing through the fear of speaking up in public. I challenged myself to film in noisy, ‘ugly’ environments which you don’t normally see in my videos. I also film inside in a shopping centre, which made me feel particularly nervous.

The Six Steps to Speak More in Class…

Step One: Choose your position.

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