How an INTJ Thinks

A look inside the mind of an INTJ (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgement)…

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The INTJ personality looks at the world by analysing it and breaking it down into patterns. When an INTJ encounters a problem, he or she will apply intuition and reasoning to find a solution. Sometimes this results in breakthrough moments and radical solutions. However, the endless thinking and analysing can also get the INTJ absolutely nowhere.

The thinking self of an INTJ […]

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Why Can’t I Feel Emotions Anymore? (Emotional Numbness and Depression)

What emotional numbness is like and what to do to start feeling again…

Not being able to feel your emotions means living your life for an extended period of time in which you are not able to feel anything with intensity. When emotionally numb, you will not feel sadness or despair strongly. At the same time you will not feel joy or excitement. Numbing one’s emotions tends to happen gradually, and the first time(s) it […]

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Why Am I Emotionally Numb?

Are you not able to feel the full range of emotions? You’re living in the grey zone. I know what it’s like, I’ve been there…

Living in the grey zone is what it means to live your life within a narrow range of emotional experience. You are not able to feel the full range of feelings, good or bad, and the feelings that are felt are muted and less intense.

I spent most of my life […]

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