How to Speak More in Class

Shy to speak in class? Here’s what to do…

I am filming this video outside to show the process of pushing through the fear of speaking up in public. I challenged myself to film in noisy, ‘ugly’ environments which you don’t normally see in my videos. I also film inside in a shopping centre, which made me feel particularly nervous.

The Six Steps to Speak More in Class…

Step One: Choose your position.

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Sneaky Panic Attacks

This blog could perhaps be more aptly renamed ‘Panic Attacks by Jade.’ That’s because I recently realised the extent to which my life and personality is organised around avoiding people and situations that may potentially trigger sneaky panic attacks in me. Until this realisation came, I had thought the overwhelming emotional states that sometimes happened to me in social situations were the darkside of being an introvert. I thought that being an introvert and […]

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I Can’t breathe: What Your Breathing Says About You

Breathing is the life force flowing through us from birth until death. For most people, breathing takes care of itself without a second thought. However, for people with anxiety related issues, not breathing comfortably is a cause of stress.

My situation with breathing is one of constant awareness of it. It’s like being able to feel every breath in an ultra sensitive way: how deep it is going, how long it lasts, whether there is any block or sensation inside obstructing the […]

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Facing the Terror, Panic and Crazy Thoughts!

Hiding away from life in the introvert’s cave might seem like something that keeps you safe, but actually it weakens you with each passing day. This is what I have learned from personal experience in 2015.

Something you probably don’t know about me from my videos is that this year I have had breathing problems caused by anxiety. The anxiety was so bad for much of this time that I avoided […]

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What Happens When Introverts Feel Sad?

I made this video because I don’t want you to hide away from life in the lonely hermit’s cave. Many of us are conditioned to thinking this is the best or only way to deal with difficult emotions. Hiding away from life a learned response that unconsciously happens to hide shameful feelings. However, it can stop. Bit by bit we can reduce the pull of the cave in our lives. Why should […]

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Hiding From Life Due To Panic Attacks

The last time it happened was a year ago… I was in a room with about 5 other people who were having a conversation in a language I could not understand. One person is dominating the conversation and the others aren’t really saying much. Inside me the frozen feeling begins to build. The more the guy talks, the more frozen I feel: like a trapped animal. The feeling inside me is getting angry now about this guy who won’t […]

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4 Sneaky Ways Introverts Seek Approval

Are you seeking approval without even realising it? Here are 4 sneaky ways that introverts seek approval from the people in their lives…

NOTE: This video has a follow-up related video that you can watch HERE.

When we go around seeking the approval of people in our lives, we can never be satisfied. It doesn’t matter if a hundred people like us or agree with us – like approval seeking addicts, we still crave more […]

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The ‘I Approve of Me’ Smoothie

The solar plexus chakra governs our self-image and how comfortable we feel just being ourselves. If you struggle with shyness or being yourself, here’s my recipe for an ‘I Approve of Me’ smoothie to fire up your solar plexus chakra.

While drinking your smoothie, say to yourself the following sentences:

I like me.

I’m a good person.

I approve of me.

I am a magnificent, eternal shining sun.

I shine bright like the yellow sun that I am.

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How I Manage My Anxiety

When I have an attack of anxiety I feel that I can’t take a deep, full and satisfying breath into my lungs. This sensation then becomes an obsession in which I am always aware of my breathing and trying to breathe more deeply into my lungs. Sometimes it is very scary and I worry that the anxiety will never go away again. Here’s what I do to manage my anxiety at home…

(1) Stone Healing: […]

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Foreign Language Anxiety

Blocked, frozen and blank when you need to speak a second language? You may have foreign language anxiety…

Foreign language anxiety is when a person feels extremely nervous when speaking a second language. While some nerves are to be expected when learning a new language, people suffering with foreign language anxiety are overwhelmed by strong feelings of unease. Sufferers find that the words they need just won’t come to them in situations where they need to […]

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How to Stop Shyness when Speaking English

When you are a shy speaker it means that when you speak a different language, you find yourself suddenly shy and you have uncomfortable feelings. You may find that you choose not to say anything when you have the opportunity to speak the other language. You can be a shy speaker of other languages even if you are not shy in your own language.

Introverts usually have the problem of being shy speakers of other […]

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