Mutes Anonymous

Talking about my 2 and a half years of muteness.

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How The Cave Creeps Up on You (As You Know It Always Does)

I’ve been thinking it’s time to give you folks a cave update. I am currently in my introvert’s cave, where I have been hibernating (or hiding?) since the first of January 2016. This time it crept up slowly, and I willingly allowed it to happen. Another word for retreating to the introvert’s cave for days that turn into weeks that turn into months is agoraphobia. One of the underlying reasons agoraphobia develops is that you avoid […]

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Is This a Panic Attack?

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of what makes a panic attack is hyperventilation and the often repeated advice of breathing into a paper bag. However, not all panic attacks involve obvious breathing difficulties, which can make them hard to identify. In fact, if you get sneaky panic attacks, you may have been having them for your whole life without even realising.  Watch 10 signs of hard to identify panic attacks in the video […]

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I can’t say my name :| (advice)

What to do if you can’t say your own name…

Not being able to pronounce one’s own name can be a source of embarrassment or anxiety. I recommend getting informed and being prepared when it comes to saying one’s name. This is because avoiding ‘problem’ words will only lead to increased anxiety and avoidance of more and more words.


Click for Speaking Skills Practice: Download Video Transcript


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From Fun to Freakout – NYE Aftermath Meltdown

Here’s a description of a meltdown I had following a NYE party. A meltdown is a kind of angry panic attack that can happen as a result of over-stimulation and/or a stressful situation in a person who has Asperger’s Syndrome or Asperger’s traits.  Although in some circumstances I am able to stop the meltdown as it develops, on this occurrence I was not able […]

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Introvert or Asperger’s Traits?

Outlining a few major traits of Asperger’s syndrome. Does this sound like you?


Download Video Transcript


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How to stop your mind going blank in interviews

Do you freeze or does your mind go blank in job interviews? For some people, going into stressful speaking situations such as job interviews triggers a ‘fight or flight’ panic response to happen in them. What the freeze panic response feels like is that you can’t speak or your mind goes completely blank for a moment. Whether it lasts for a second or a couple of seconds you are unable to react, like a […]

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Extreme Shyness and a Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

This post is based upon personal reflection regarding the third chakra (solar plexus chakra) and the role it plays a role in extreme introversion and shyness.


Blocked solar plexus chakra – The third chakra is the seat of one’s personal power and sense of self. When this chakra is open and balanced it allows you to express yourself with confidence and to show your ‘real self’. On the other hand, when this chakra is […]

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Am I Shy or Socially Anxious?

Shyness or social anxiety? Which one describes you?

Shyness – I view shyness to be a part of my character that is not going away. When I am feeling shy my cheeks blush, I go blank, or a may not speak clearly. It’s a sore kind of sensitive feeling inside that is embarrassing when other people see it. What I realised about shyness eventually after trying to make it stop for many years is that […]

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Sitting Through The Panic Attack / Asperger’s Syndrome Meltdown

I did something new yesterday. I sat through a panic attack (or is it an Asperger’s Syndrome meltdown?) without acting out my pattern of a lifetime. This post is about what these attacks feel like for me, and what I did differently the last time one happened.


For all my adult life I have tried to avoid the feeling of getting drained from social situations. In fact, the reason […]

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Overcoming Social Anxiety & Shyness by Gillian Butler

Quick Summary: The Book About Shyness I Didn’t Think I Needed, But Did!

What’s It About –  Overcoming Social Anxiety & Shyness provides practical advice for people who may be shy or anxious in social situations. The book teaches you how to expand your comfort zone via ‘mini experiments’ so that fear, panic and avoidance of ‘threatening’ social situations can be reduced in your life. If you’re not […]

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Dealing with Emotional Overwhelm: Radical Acceptance

(1) Introverts may experience overwhelm

Some introverts are highly sensitive persons. They may be sensitive to loud noises, bright lights, or large crowds. They may also be empathetic and sensitive to the feelings of other people around them. Their sensitivity may lead introverts to experience overwhelm, and then it may lead them to isolate themselves or seek solitude in some way. In other words, it may lead them to seek the comfort of The […]

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Seductive Cave – A Poem


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Kate Moss: How She Speaks

Kate Moss has been at the centre of British fashion since the 90’s. We are all familiar with her famous face, but not so much with the voice that goes with it. This is because for much of her fashion career, Kate Moss avoided appearing in radio or television spoken interviews. After keeping silent for so long, Kate Moss is increasingly appearing once again in video in spoken interviews. This post speculates as to why […]

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How to Speak More in Class

Shy to speak in class? Here’s what to do…

I am filming this video outside to show the process of pushing through the fear of speaking up in public. I challenged myself to film in noisy, ‘ugly’ environments which you don’t normally see in my videos. I also film inside in a shopping centre, which made me feel particularly nervous.

The Six Steps to Speak More in Class…

Step One: Choose your position.

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