Swarm of Ravenous Copycat Fake Teachers

I was watching some old English lessons of mine on my EngVid channel today which I don’t normally do when in the suggested videos section I chanced upon a nice looking face who was teaching something about the schwa in a pronunciation lesson. I clicked on this lesson to discover that this English teacher who apparently specialises in speaking skills (what a coincidence!) had copied my own video on the schwa. He even […]

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YouTube is Wrecking The Learning English Experience

Feeling nostalgic about the old days of learning English on YouTube when there was a lot more variety and smaller teachers could still be discovered easily and gather around them their own audiences. These days the situation is very different – YouTube picks a genre favourite channel and this teacher gets promoted behind the scenes (English with Lucy). Additionally, the algorithm changes suppress smaller, less professional channels.

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How to Build Willpower with Language

Use language to build your strength of will and self-discipline.

Having a strong sense of will and self-discipline means that when you decide upon an idea or a goal, you work towards it steadily for as long as it takes until it is achieved.

One of the ways to observe your own level of willpower is to ask yourself whether you say things that you do not mean. If you often commit to things that never […]

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Good Teachers I Had at School

Sharing memories of the good teachers I had at school and university…

A good teacher is someone who inspires students to have curious minds. I am sad to say that in these times there are relatively few good teachers around. This is because the educational system stifles creative thought and the exploration of knowledge by making learning boring and repetitive.

In my view a good teacher is someone who:

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Why I am a good teacher

What makes me a good teacher? Here’s my thoughts…

Note to teachers: Obviously there are still good teachers in the mainstream education system. I had some inspirational teachers myself at school and also at university. However, what I noticed about these teachers was that being good teachers did not help them progress in their careers. The schools want their teachers to tick all the boxes and to follow rules; the best teachers ignored that kind […]

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Why I don’t use sayings in my speech

Talking about how the idioms or proverbs we use in speech shape our realities:


Click for Speaking Skills Practice: Download Video Transcript


Share in a comment if there are idioms/proverbs that you are in the habit of using in your speech…

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Are you an educational victim?

What is an educational victim? An educational victim is somebody who can’t or won’t learn something for themselves. This kind of person has to be spoonfed everything by a teacher or else nothing is learnt by them and they will remain ignorant. Rather than doing their own research to find the answer to their question, the educational victim demands the attention or energy of other people in order to be given the requested information. […]

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Should I Study at a British University?

Are Expensive British Degrees Really Worth it?

This video is an honest British opinion on whether or not people from outside of the UK should chose to study over here in the UK. British universities have a good reputation internationally for being academic institutions of very high quality. Modern day, western style universities are modeled on the British tradition of education and learning from what is known as the ‘enlightenment’ period where England ruled the […]

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How to Speak So That Foreigners Understand You

Tips for Helping Foreign People Understand You Better

This is an video for those of you who speak English well or are native English speakers and need to communicate with foreigners who do not speak English well. I will give a few tips on how to speak to people who have only a basic grasp of English.

One of the main habits English people have when they are talking to people with a basic grasp of […]

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