Copycat, Copycat (Poem)

Copycat, copycat


You get a pat on the back

Cos I know how you did that.

Copycat, copycat


Bang them out and get it done,

Make a quick buck: isn’t this fun!

Copycat, copycat


Do it yourself—That’s a bit hard!

Get a leg up and you will grow fast.

Copycat, copycat

Dong-dong, ding-ding

You know that to copy me is to win…

You add some sexy, then views go schwing!


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Joddle Vignettes

A selection of scenes featuring words that rhyme, half-rhyme and sound similar to Joddle.

To write your own Joddlish scene write a sentence and include words which rhyme with ‘Joddle’ in the comment box below. 🙂

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A Poem About Me

I was doing some navel gazing and ended up with this poem about me…

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Moshi’s Botty

Moshi’s botty is quite grotty

I’m sorry to say
Let’s put it this way
He’s no friend of the litter tray.

What a dear little kitty you are!
I’d love to give you a kiss-y
Were it not for the fact
Your bum’s a bit shitty.

You’re a fluffy ball of cotton wool
For sure you’re adorable
You’ve charmed your way into our hearts
Although, to be honest, you smell of farts.

Forgive me if this seems rude
The subject is rather crude
But I really don’t know […]

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The Kitten Feeling

A poem about a mood called The Kitten Feeling.

The Kitten Feeling

Heavy lidded eyes
Sad stickiness
The soreness of meowing

Nothing to do
Cocooned in a blanket
Being so comfortable aches

Electric pink sunset
Wet purring in your ear
Time has nowhere to go

From the clouds to your ears
Mewling music descends:
A choir of somnambulistic cats

Get out of feeling
The kitten feeling

Can’t —

Stuck inside fur.

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Pronunciation Practice /ɔɪ/ and /aʊ/ Phonemes

The pronunciation exercise ‘Doyle The Owl’ is to train two main English phonemes (sounds). The sounds are foil /ɔɪ/ and foul /aʊ/. Both of these sounds are diphthongs and therefore can be tricky to pronounce for many non native speakers of English.

To train your accent with me join my Clear Up Your Accent course. CLICK HERE.

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The Introvert’s Shield

Some musings on introversion, agoraphobia, asperger’s and sensitivity.

It might be that I’m not really an introvert.
It’s because the world and its attractions doesn’t hold much appeal.

It might be that I’m not really a house hermit.
It’s just my aversion to factory farming conditions.

I think that I don’t have asperger’s.
It’s because I confused myself with constantly changing cultures and languages.

I suspect that I wasn’t born rootless and to float from here to there,
I suspect that all […]

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A Toadstool Comes Up In a Night – Rossetti

Christina Rossetti Poem – English Romanticism Poetry

A toadstool comes up in a night, –
Learn the lesson, little folk: –
An oak grows on a hundred years,
But then it is an oak.

Christina Rossetti was one of the English Romantic era poets who wrote in a devotional style or made observations about the natural world in her writings.

In my understanding this poem suggests to us the spiritual importance of deferred gratification: the oak tree becomes a tall […]

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‘Clod and The Pebble’ By William Blake

William Blake’s poem ‘Clod and the Pebble’ from Songs of Innocence and Experience.

William Blake was a visionary poet whose poems could be interpreted in a number of ways according to symbolism and religious connotations. What this poem represents to me personally is the split that exists among humanity between those who seek to give and those who seek to take. Like many of Blake’s poems, there is opposition and binding […]

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London Under Bombardment (Poem)

London Under Bombardment by Greta Briggs. Featuring a selection of photographs of London from the late Victorian Era to the Blitz Period.

The poem personifies the spirit of London who stands indomitable despite the fall of bombs during the Blitz (bombing of London during the Second World War).

I, WHO am known as London, have faced stern times before,
Having fought and ruled and traded for a thousand years and more;
I knew the Roman legions and the […]

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A Rabbit as a King of Ghosts (Poem)

‘A Rabbit as a King of the Ghosts’ by Wallace Stevens with audio narration and illustration by me…

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How an INTJ Thinks

A look inside the mind of an INTJ (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgement)…

Watch Part Two: CLICK HERE

The INTJ personality looks at the world by analysing it and breaking it down into patterns. When an INTJ encounters a problem, he or she will apply intuition and reasoning to find a solution. Sometimes this results in breakthrough moments and radical solutions. However, the endless thinking and analysing can also get the INTJ absolutely nowhere.

The thinking self of an INTJ […]

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When the ghosts come…

A poem about ghosts (words below the video)…

When The Ghosts Come…

There are those among us
Who go a-hunting for them.
With torches in hand
And breaths held tight
At the stoke of midnight
in paranormal search they wend
Infra-red gizmos calibrated
To detect the unbodied
Those who were
Our once dear
And now, sadly departed kin
Stuck somewhere between
Here and there
Wandering and lost.

There are those among us
Who go a-talking with them
In sodden graveyards
By the light of the moon.
In secret ritual they invoke
With magical chants
Mind-altering potion
Or […]

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The Star People

Something a bit different: a sci-fi story about what it feels like to be me…

She and the others like her came because they had loved the humans from the beginning. Of course, all who agreed to come were warned about the dangers of the process but nobody could have known that it was going to be much, much harder than anticipated. In particular, they were not aware that they were going to be […]

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Mad Hermit Woman – Poem

Mad hermit woman

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