Is Turkey The Hardest Place to Make Friends?

Today I am feeling sorry for myself so I decided to write about my experience of making friends in Turkey. 

I have had enough international experience of living in different places to know that every place in the world has different social rules about friendship and making friends. When you move to a new country you can’t just expect it to be the same as what you are used to in you […]

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Sitting Through The Panic Attack / Asperger’s Syndrome Meltdown

I did something new yesterday. I sat through a panic attack (or is it an Asperger’s Syndrome meltdown?) without acting out my pattern of a lifetime. This post is about what these attacks feel like for me, and what I did differently the last time one happened.


For all my adult life I have tried to avoid the feeling of getting drained from social situations. In fact, the reason […]

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When the ghosts come…

A poem about ghosts (words below the video)…

When The Ghosts Come…

There are those among us
Who go a-hunting for them.
With torches in hand
And breaths held tight
At the stoke of midnight
in paranormal search they wend
Infra-red gizmos calibrated
To detect the unbodied
Those who were
Our once dear
And now, sadly departed kin
Stuck somewhere between
Here and there
Wandering and lost.

There are those among us
Who go a-talking with them
In sodden graveyards
By the light of the moon.
In secret ritual they invoke
With magical chants
Mind-altering potion
Or […]

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The Star People

Something a bit different: a sci-fi story about what it feels like to be me…

She and the others like her came because they had loved the humans from the beginning. Of course, all who agreed to come were warned about the dangers of the process but nobody could have known that it was going to be much, much harder than anticipated. In particular, they were not aware that they were going to be […]

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What’s in my fridge?

Taking a look at the food in my fridge….

Today’s video is a comfort zone video where I make videos in new ways to challenge my perfectionism. Let’s have a look around my fridge and talk about the food I eat!



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31 Things You Didn’t Know About Me…

If you’ve been watching my videos or reading this blog for a while, you might be curious to know a little bit more about me. Although on the one hand my work may seem very personal because I talk openly about my psychological experiences and vulnerabilities (as I would to people I meet in real life), in my opinion my work is actually rather impersonal. I regard it as being impersonal as I […]

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Mad Hermit Woman – Poem

Mad hermit woman

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Seductive Cave – A Poem


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Life Path of Communication Poem

lifepath of communication poem

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Hiding From Life Due To Panic Attacks

The last time it happened was a year ago… I was in a room with about 5 other people who were having a conversation in a language I could not understand. One person is dominating the conversation and the others aren’t really saying much. Inside me the frozen feeling begins to build. The more the guy talks, the more frozen I feel: like a trapped animal. The feeling inside me is getting angry now about this guy who won’t […]

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Storytelling – With Gesture and Expression

How to make your storytelling come alive by the use of gesture, movement and facial expression…


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What To Do When Your Friends Won’t Speak In English

I have spent years of my life feeling like an invisible ghost in social situations because my friends won’t speak in English. This happens to me when I am in a foreign language situation and I am the only one who doesn’t speak the main language. While my non native friends like to speak English with me on a one-to-one level, this preference is quickly dumped in group or party situations. Over the years […]

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The Introvert’s Cave

A poem about withdrawing from life to go into the lonely introverts cave (again)…

Seductive cave
I’d briefly thought
That we were done.
It had seemed
An amicable separation.
Over so many years
You mouldered me:
I had to get out…

Your dank depths
And batty corners
Caverns of misery.

For at least a month
I was free of you,
And it would seem
All the evidence suggested
Total annihilation of
The poisonous foundations
Upon which our lives centred.
An ugly twisted clump.
In that place –
Bold, green shoots up jump.

Oh, seductive cave that […]

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How I Manage My Anxiety

When I have an attack of anxiety I feel that I can’t take a deep, full and satisfying breath into my lungs. This sensation then becomes an obsession in which I am always aware of my breathing and trying to breathe more deeply into my lungs. Sometimes it is very scary and I worry that the anxiety will never go away again. Here’s what I do to manage my anxiety at home…

(1) Stone Healing: […]

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What It Was Like To Be An Introverted Child

Sharing some memories of my introverted childhood. This video was inspired by Susan Cain’s Book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

I didn’t realise at the time that my preference to play by myself and study alone would be cause for concern to some parents. What a pity that so many introverted children are not allowed to simply be!

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