32 of My Beliefs

For my birthday (32) I have written a post about my beliefs/values. I have another post called 31 Things About Me, which I wanted to add to now I am somewhat older.

  1. I have conservative values. For me, this is to do with conserving the traditions of the past which root us in a rootless age.
  2. I value freedom to live my life as I choose and on my own terms.
  3. Conservative values […]
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My Brain Fog

Brain fog: low energy and fatigue, low motivation, speech difficulties, increased sensitivity to noise, and lack of will to socialise. Studies have shown that people with autism spectrum disorders are among those most likely to experience brain fog.

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When Awkward Meets Awkward!!!

Feel the cringe. What happens when awkward meets awkward and a handshake goes terribly wrong!

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Why Am I Here?

After 5 and a half years of YouTube — Why am I still making videos? And why did I turn off comments…

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I’m Alive Again

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Jade Joddle’s Funeral

Paying respects to the old Jade Joddle and remembering her with a video tribute…

P.S. For those of you who may be concerned, this video is about a symbolic death. I am very much alive so don’t worry.

Post updated 28/05/2017 — Message of condolence from Jan B.J. in The Netherlands:

Dear survivors of Jade Joddle, This morning before I left my house I make a small donation for getting her health back on track. When […]

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Copycat, Copycat (Poem)

Copycat, copycat


You get a pat on the back

Cos I know how you did that.

Copycat, copycat


Bang them out and get it done,

Make a quick buck: isn’t this fun!

Copycat, copycat


Do it yourself—That’s a bit hard!

Get a leg up and you will grow fast.

Copycat, copycat

Dong-dong, ding-ding

You know that to copy me is to win…

You add some sexy, then views go schwing!


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Constantly Update Who You Like and Who You Follow

Things that we once thought were very good can change. That’s why I take care to constantly reassess the things I like. If I realise I don’t like something anymore, I stop following it. This also applies to people; sometimes it just happens that there is a shift in my feelings and the connection I have with that person doesn’t feel good to me anymore. With people especially, the shift can be hard to observe […]

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Do I Have Posh Envy?

‘Posh envy’ is consciously or unconsciously disliking people because they are posh and you are jealous of them. So do I have posh envy? Let’s break it down…

For those of you who aren’t English and don’t know this because you haven’t lived it; a definition: being posh is something you are born into and you cannot ever become posh no matter how much money you acquire in your lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether you […]

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Jade Joddle Speech Biography

BIOGRAPHY – My Journey

I am not a naturally gifted speaker but I am someone who has worked extremely hard to get where I am today. I consider speech to be both my greatest weakness and my biggest strength in life. When I was a child mutism was a big issue for me; I couldn’t talk even if I wanted to in situations where I felt uncomfortable or shy. In fact, I do still suffer […]

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My New Direction

Let me start by saying thank you to everyone who donated regarding my sickness. I’m not back to work yet in terms of doing emails and admin stuff but when I am I will reply to each of you personally.

The last two and a quarter years in my life have been very difficult for me and I have had to make some very hard personal decisions in my private life. Most of that […]

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I can’t breathe

I have an announcement to make which is about how I have been unwell a long time. If you would like to support me while I take a break from making videos on this channel to recover myself, you can DONATE HERE.

All your support will go into helping me recover from a stressful 2+ year period in which I have had difficulty breathing. Every penny counts and will be spent on restorative hobbies […]

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Thoughts on Accepting Your Friends

When I was growing up I kept bunny rabbits. They were my friends then, and now as an adult most of my friends behave like bunny rabbits. How to handle the unruly and untamed behaviour of one’s rabbit friends!

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Can’t Keep Up: Email Overload!

Here’s a message for you if you’ve written an email and were disappointed that did not receive a reply from me…

Dear Fans,

Sorry I have been ignoring most of your emails. I get so many that I don’t know where to begin. I’d like to be able to reply to you all, but it’s just too much for one person. I get disappointed with myself for not keeping up with my emails but if […]

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My Story as a Speaker: Speech at the University of Hull

Jade Joddle is a YouTube Speaking Skills Specialist. Not a naturally gifted speaker, Jade who has Asperger’s Syndrome, has had to battle her personal speech difficulties on the way to gathering her half a million subscribers. Jade’s message is that if she can learn to speak, you can do it too!

This talk was recording at Hull Public Speaking Society at the University of Hull.

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