Mutism as Protest

Talking about the idea of choosing mutism as a protest against a particular situation or interaction with a person who is in some way triggering.

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Interview with Dan From Improve Your Social Skills

Introducing you to Dan from Improve Your Social Skills. Dan is a social skills coach for people overcoming social awkwardness.


Jade: You describe yourself as being the ‘most socially awkward kid’ you could meet when you were growing up. Is this the same thing as being shy? If not, how are shyness and social anxiety different in your opinion?

I think there’s a difference between shyness […]

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Extreme Shyness and a Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

This post is based upon personal reflection regarding the third chakra (solar plexus chakra) and the role it plays a role in extreme introversion and shyness.


Blocked solar plexus chakra – The third chakra is the seat of one’s personal power and sense of self. When this chakra is open and balanced it allows you to express yourself with confidence and to show your ‘real self’. On the other hand, when this chakra is […]

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Am I Shy or Socially Anxious?

Shyness or social anxiety? Which one describes you?

Shyness – I view shyness to be a part of my character that is not going away. When I am feeling shy my cheeks blush, I go blank, or a may not speak clearly. It’s a sore kind of sensitive feeling inside that is embarrassing when other people see it. What I realised about shyness eventually after trying to make it stop for many years is that […]

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Overcoming Social Anxiety & Shyness by Gillian Butler

Quick Summary: The Book About Shyness I Didn’t Think I Needed, But Did!

What’s It About –  Overcoming Social Anxiety & Shyness provides practical advice for people who may be shy or anxious in social situations. The book teaches you how to expand your comfort zone via ‘mini experiments’ so that fear, panic and avoidance of ‘threatening’ social situations can be reduced in your life. If you’re not […]

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What Happens When Introverts Feel Sad?

I made this video because I don’t want you to hide away from life in the lonely hermit’s cave. Many of us are conditioned to thinking this is the best or only way to deal with difficult emotions. Hiding away from life a learned response that unconsciously happens to hide shameful feelings. However, it can stop. Bit by bit we can reduce the pull of the cave in our lives. Why should […]

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Hate Small Talk? 6 Essential Lifehacks For Introverts

Let me confess that as a highly sensitive introvert I am not a fan of small talk. I would much rather be having a conversation about something personal or abstract rather than blah blah blahing about the weather. However, since small talk greases the wheels of social interaction, I do have to engage in a bit of surface conversation from time to time. Here are 6 lifehacks for introverts to follow to make small […]

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How to Start a Conversation Anywhere

Conversation Skills Advice

How to start a conversation wherever you are in the world with conversation skills coach Benjamin.

Not knowing what to say in conversation means that many people hold back from beginning conversations with new people because they are afraid creating awkward silence in conversation.

Benjamin the conversation coach teaches us a simple conversation skills technique for beginning a conversation anywhere and with any person. All you need to do to avoid awkward silences in […]

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Extroverted Conversations

Talking to Strangers on Public Transport

According to Your Charisma Coach Marcus Oakey, there is never a perfect time to start a conversation. In city life we miss opportunities to have a connection with new people every day due to fear of saying or doing something wrong.

One of the ways to build confidence is to start more conversations with strangers. As we travel around on public transport in big cities like London, most of us are […]

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Truth About Shy and Sensitive People

Advice for Shy People

There is nothing wrong with your sensitive nature – show more of yourself:

If you are anything like my friend Shy Bear, you may be embarrassed about your shyness. However, being shy isn’t all bad. The most sensitive people tend to experience a little shyness in social interaction. This tender sensitivity that they have is something that should be celebrated because it is rare among people.

Once a shy person has worked to […]

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How to be Interesting in Conversation

Conversation Advice

Many people worry that they are not interesting in conversation. However, there is no need for concern about this as it is easy to be interesting in conversation and everybody can do it. By applying the following 3 conversation tips, you can be sure to be interesting when talking to people.

1. Be interested – Interesting people are interested in other people. In a conversation they listen to what other people have to tell […]

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10 Awkward Life Moments Introverts Experience

Awkward Life Moments Introverts Experience

Life can be full of painful moments for introverts in social situations. It would be nice to wake up one day completely free of your introverted ways, which probably isn’t going to happen. Here are 10 awkward life moments that I experience as an introvert. Do you experience these too?

Number 1 – A medium-sized gathering. There are too many people for you to have a meaningful conversation with anyone, and […]

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