How to be Interesting in Conversation

Conversation Advice

Many people worry that they are not interesting in conversation. However, there is no need for concern about this as it is easy to be interesting in conversation and everybody can do it. By applying the following 3 conversation tips, you can be sure to be interesting when talking to people.

1. Be interested – Interesting people are interested in other people. In a conversation they listen to what other people have to tell […]

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How to Stop Shyness when Speaking English

When you are a shy speaker it means that when you speak a different language, you find yourself suddenly shy and you have uncomfortable feelings. You may find that you choose not to say anything when you have the opportunity to speak the other language. You can be a shy speaker of other languages even if you are not shy in your own language.

Introverts usually have the problem of being shy speakers of other […]

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Why Introverts Feel Tired From Socialising

Energy and Introverts

Introverts may sometimes suffer from becoming tired as a result of socialising. This is because introverts find it draining to be in some social situations. You will need to learn how to protect your energy as an introvert so that you do not get tired from socialising.

Why Do Introverts Feel Tired From Socialising?

It’s said that introverts get energy from spending time alone or being in nature. In contrast, an extrovert gets their […]

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10 Things That Extroverts Do

Life is easier for extroverts because you are social people and your personality is favoured in the world of work. However, your extroverted personality may lead you into some embarrassing, awards situations. Do any of these situations seem familiar to you?

Number 1 – When you are talking to just one person but you feel like you’re missing out. You try to get away.

Number 2 – When you’re walking down the street and you shout […]

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Introvert Pain

What it Feels Like to Be an Introvert

Introvert pain is a kind of background awkwardness or feeling of being uncomfortable in many everyday situations that introverted people experience.

One aspect of introvert pain is the feeling of resistance. This is when you don’t want to join in with the friendly conversation that other people are having. One example of this is when someone politely tries to involve you in small talk. You may be asked […]

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10 Awkward Life Moments Introverts Experience

Awkward Life Moments Introverts Experience

Life can be full of painful moments for introverts in social situations. It would be nice to wake up one day completely free of your introverted ways, which probably isn’t going to happen. Here are 10 awkward life moments that I experience as an introvert. Do you experience these too?

Number 1 – A medium-sized gathering. There are too many people for you to have a meaningful conversation with anyone, and […]

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Introversion test – 10 Signs you are an introvert

10 Signs you are an Introvert

Maybe you think that being an introvert is a bad thing? That’s because most people just think it means to be shy and awkward. However, this is not what it means to be introverted.

Introverts get their energy from spending time alone in their thoughts. Extroverts on the other hand are energised by spending time around people.

Sign 1 – You prefer to hang out with just one person at a […]

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Extoverts and Introverts Learning Languages

The Best Way for You to Learn English

It’s said that around 60% of people are extroverts and that 40% of people are introverts. While extroverts get their energy from being around people, introverts need time alone to recharge. It seems to me that the model of English teaching that language training institutes follow is one that fits the way that extroverts prefer to learn. It can be really tough for introverts to learn effectively […]

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Social Challenges of Being an Introvert

What it Means to Experience Pain as an Introvert

This video is about I call ‘introvert pain’. Introvert pain relates to feelings of awkwardness in social situations as well as everyday situations. This video is useful for other introverts who may recognize some of these situations and may feel comforted to know other people feel the same way as them. It will also help extroverts realise how introverts feel in certain situations and […]

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