Are You Secretly Shy?

Do you ever feel as if you can’t be yourself? You may be secretly shy…

Do you ever feel as if you can’t be yourself? It’s as if no matter how hard you try, the real you just can’t get out.

I’m Jade Joddle The Introvert Specialist and believe me I know what that’s like. For 25 years I felt as if I were trapped inside an egg.

When I lived inside that egg its fair to […]

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10 Ways To Overcome Shyness

It’s time to stop hiding the real you…

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How To Talk In A Group (Advice For Introverts)

Introverts are happiest when they are talking just on a one-to-one level or with two people they know well. Many introverts feel uncomfortable in group conversations, finding that they don’t know what to say and that they become drained very easily.

I would say that one of the reasons introverts may feel uncomfortable in groups is because they are used to making decisions for themselves about what they want to do and when. However, when […]

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Introvert! Introvert! Introvert!

Being an introvert is both good and bad, you know…

I look out at the world through big, googly introverted glasses. That’s just how it is for me – so be it. I’m not proud about my introverted reality because I didn’t do anything special to make it happen. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been this way.

The best times in my introverted life are when I escape into nature. I feel […]

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Jade Joddle – My Kind of Introversion

Being an introvert is not all sunshine and roses for me…

While there are plenty of benefits I experience as an introvert, my particular kind of introversion is linked to problems of self-expression. Not being able to express myself fully in speech was always a source of frustration and pain for me.

I do not believe our personalities are fixed. If an area of my life causes me pain then I apply my focus to that […]

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Hate Small Talk? 6 Essential Lifehacks For Introverts

Let me confess that as a highly sensitive introvert I am not a fan of small talk. I would much rather be having a conversation about something personal or abstract rather than blah blah blahing about the weather. However, since small talk greases the wheels of social interaction, I do have to engage in a bit of surface conversation from time to time. Here are 6 lifehacks for introverts to follow to make small […]

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How To Be More Social (Come As You Are)

Do you spend too much time alone avoiding opportunities to socialise?

I know what that feels like and here’s my solution…

I put a lot of pressure on myself in social situations. There is this part of me that is always striving and working away to bring her very best self along to the gathering. I realised that is a dumb thing to do because it is very tiring to sparkle each and every time you […]

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My Introvert Cave

Mad Hermit Woman

This poem is about me coming to a point where it is time to make a very big change in my life. There is nothing new for me to learn or gain from spending so much time alone and choosing to be an outsider my whole life.

I am bored of this quiet, over-sensitive existence. I am also very scared about making this change because it means not running away anymore. And running […]

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How to Start a Conversation Anywhere

Conversation Skills Advice

How to start a conversation wherever you are in the world with conversation skills coach Benjamin.

Not knowing what to say in conversation means that many people hold back from beginning conversations with new people because they are afraid creating awkward silence in conversation.

Benjamin the conversation coach teaches us a simple conversation skills technique for beginning a conversation anywhere and with any person. All you need to do to avoid awkward silences in […]

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How to Speak Confidently

3 Tips to Project Confidence

According to conversation skills expert Benjamin, confidence is a state of being. For us to be able to access a confident state, we need to make sure that we have all the basics in place. This means that we should make an effort with our appearance and wear clothes in which we feel confident.

To be confident in conversation we should also seek to hold a positive mindset in our interactions. […]

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Introvert Test

What Kind of Introvert Are You?

Take Jade Joddle’s Introvert Test CLICK HERE

The most important thing to know about being an introvert is that we are not all the same. For some introverts any kind of social interaction is painful and awkward. These introverts are severely limited in life by their communication blocks which mean that they cannot create the life that they desire and that their worlds are very small. For […]

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Extroverted Conversations

Talking to Strangers on Public Transport

According to Your Charisma Coach Marcus Oakey, there is never a perfect time to start a conversation. In city life we miss opportunities to have a connection with new people every day due to fear of saying or doing something wrong.

One of the ways to build confidence is to start more conversations with strangers. As we travel around on public transport in big cities like London, most of us are […]

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Make yourself an Extrovert – Is It Possible?

How to Stop Being an Introvert

NLP holds that introversion is a no more than a learned pattern of behaviours that are not set in stone. In the eyes of NLP practitioners such as Richard Grannon The Spartan Life Coach, you can change the focus of your inner awareness to become extroverted.

Where introversion is accompanied by social anxiety, shyness or Avoidant Personality Disorder, life experience as an introvert is felt to be life-limiting. People experiencing […]

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Truth About Shy and Sensitive People

Advice for Shy People

There is nothing wrong with your sensitive nature – show more of yourself:

If you are anything like my friend Shy Bear, you may be embarrassed about your shyness. However, being shy isn’t all bad. The most sensitive people tend to experience a little shyness in social interaction. This tender sensitivity that they have is something that should be celebrated because it is rare among people.

Once a shy person has worked to […]

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I want to be alone

Understanding Introverts and Alone Time

When I spend time around people in social situation or just around people in general, I absorb the energy of the place and the way people feel in it. This makes me lose my balance and I don’t feel like my normal self. I don’t like feeling this way, which has led me to make choices in my life where I can protect my need for alone time.

Before I knew […]

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