Facing the Terror, Panic and Crazy Thoughts!

Hiding away from life in the introvert’s cave might seem like something that keeps you safe, but actually it weakens you with each passing day. This is what I have learned from personal experience in 2015.

Something you probably don’t know about me from my videos is that this year I have had breathing problems caused by anxiety. The anxiety was so bad for much of this time that I avoided […]

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What Happens When Introverts Feel Sad?

I made this video because I don’t want you to hide away from life in the lonely hermit’s cave. Many of us are conditioned to thinking this is the best or only way to deal with difficult emotions. Hiding away from life a learned response that unconsciously happens to hide shameful feelings. However, it can stop. Bit by bit we can reduce the pull of the cave in our lives. Why should […]

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Introvert Hacks: 4 Easy Ways For You To Speak With Confidence

Guest Post by Michaela Chung from Introvert Spring

Sometimes we introverts struggle to express ourselves in conversation. We know we have plenty of interesting thoughts to share. But spitting them out is another story. Often we mumble, stutter, or don’t get the words out in time.

I don’t want the world to miss out on all the interesting mind gems you’ve been storing away in your beautiful brain. That’s why I’m sharing Read More

My Friend Fat Cat

Fat Cat is a stray cat who lives by the apartment where I was living in Istanbul. Her favourite place to sit is on a bench at the bus stop. Whenever I passed by the bus stop I would stop to say hello, and if she was in the mood for some attention, I would pet her for a couple of minutes. Since there are many similarities between introverts and cats, getting to know […]

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Hiding From Life Due To Panic Attacks

The last time it happened was a year ago… I was in a room with about 5 other people who were having a conversation in a language I could not understand. One person is dominating the conversation and the others aren’t really saying much. Inside me the frozen feeling begins to build. The more the guy talks, the more frozen I feel: like a trapped animal. The feeling inside me is getting angry now about this guy who won’t […]

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What To Do When Your Friends Won’t Speak In English

I have spent years of my life feeling like an invisible ghost in social situations because my friends won’t speak in English. This happens to me when I am in a foreign language situation and I am the only one who doesn’t speak the main language. While my non native friends like to speak English with me on a one-to-one level, this preference is quickly dumped in group or party situations. Over the years […]

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Mumbling When You Talk? What To Do About It…

Are you a mumbler? Some basics about shy speech…

One of the reasons for shy speech or mumbling has to do with not feeling comfortable about one’s mouth area. If we feel self-conscious about this area, it limits our self-expression. When we get the basics right regarding the mask area of the face, we feel more comfortable to express ourselves.



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How to Survive Dreaded Group Conversations as an Introvert

Not knowing what to say or how to interact in a group conversation is often a cause of stress and anxiety for introverts. Today I talk about a conversational strategy that works for introverts in group situations, which when carried out, protects them from disappearing into themselves in awkward silence.




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4 Sneaky Ways Introverts Seek Approval

Are you seeking approval without even realising it? Here are 4 sneaky ways that introverts seek approval from the people in their lives…

NOTE: This video has a follow-up related video that you can watch HERE.

When we go around seeking the approval of people in our lives, we can never be satisfied. It doesn’t matter if a hundred people like us or agree with us – like approval seeking addicts, we still crave more […]

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Conversation Starters For Shy Introverts – What To Say

Going into a new situation and initiating conversations with people is often a cause of anxiety for introverts because of worries they may have about what to say. As introverts, we tend to take this kind of situation a lot more seriously than extroverts do, for which reason some of us plan what we are going say before we approach and begin conversations with new people.

The more we stay stuck up in our own […]

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The Introvert’s Cave

A poem about withdrawing from life to go into the lonely introverts cave (again)…

Seductive cave
I’d briefly thought
That we were done.
It had seemed
An amicable separation.
Over so many years
You mouldered me:
I had to get out…

Your dank depths
And batty corners
Caverns of misery.

For at least a month
I was free of you,
And it would seem
All the evidence suggested
Total annihilation of
The poisonous foundations
Upon which our lives centred.
An ugly twisted clump.
In that place –
Bold, green shoots up jump.

Oh, seductive cave that […]

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Quiet By Susan Cain: Book Review

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Audiobook Review

Quick Summary: By taking the reader on a broad survey of modern American culture, Susan Cain shows us how qualities associated with introversion, such as quietness and introspection, became devalued instep with how the American economy developed over the last century. Susan’s perspective is that introverts are not inferior, but […]

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Introverts: 5 Reasons We’re Like Cats

Are you an introvert and cat lover? Well, that’s no surprise! Find out 5 reasons introverts are just like cats. *Guest vlog by Michaela Chung from Introvert Spring.

Sign One – Choosy Love
Cats are selective with whom they show some love. When a cat is your friend, you know that you’re special to them.

Sign Two – Simple needs
It doesn’t take much to make a cat happy. All they need is food, affection […]

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What It Was Like To Be An Introverted Child

Sharing some memories of my introverted childhood. This video was inspired by Susan Cain’s Book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

I didn’t realise at the time that my preference to play by myself and study alone would be cause for concern to some parents. What a pity that so many introverted children are not allowed to simply be!

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Learning To Express Myself

My videos are about what I see and experience in my own life. I talk about introversion, shyness and sensitivity because I have struggled with these aspects of my personality since childhood.

While there are plenty of benefits I experience as an introvert, my particular kind of introversion is linked to problems of self-expression. Not being able to express myself fully in speech was always a source of frustration and pain for me.

I do not […]

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