Dealing with Emotional Overwhelm: Radical Acceptance

(1) Introverts may experience overwhelm

Some introverts are highly sensitive persons. They may be sensitive to loud noises, bright lights, or large crowds. They may also be empathetic and sensitive to the feelings of other people around them. Their sensitivity may lead introverts to experience overwhelm, and then it may lead them to isolate themselves or seek solitude in some way. In other words, it may lead them to seek the comfort of The […]

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Mad Hermit Woman – Poem

Mad hermit woman

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Introverted Versus Introspective

Guest Post by Nina Lalumia

The Etymology of ‘Introvert’ and ‘Introspective’

Based on its Latin roots, ‘introverted’ means turned to the inside. Lots of words have the same roots in different combinations. ‘INTRO-duce’ means to lead in; and ‘re-VERT’ means to turn back. Similarly, based on its roots, ‘introspective’ means looking inward (compare to ‘retro-SPECTIVE,’ which means looking backward). So, based on their roots, ‘introverted’ and ‘introspective’ seem to mean pretty much […]

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Being Around People Drains Me: Introvert Rule 9

Introvert Energy Drain Rule Number Four – Put You and Your Needs First Socially

To reach the point where you have learnt to manage your energy as an introvert and can avoid getting drained in social actions, you will need to develop a “socially selfish” attitude. If it helps, you can even think of your attempts at managing your energy as a silent game you play with yourself that nobody knows about. You throw politeness and social […]

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Introvert Tired From Socialising: Energy Rule 8

Introvert Energy Drain Rule Number Eight – Push Your Introvert Comfort Zone

The word “introvert” is a tainted word that carries with it negative connotations of social phobia and shyness even though not all introverts are afflicted by these life-limiting communication issues. While introverts can learn tips and tricks to masquerade as extroverts, it is not recommended to apply such tricks constantly, as acting like an extrovert will be a disaster for your energy and will never […]

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Feeling Tired From Socialising: Introvert Energy Rule 7

Introvert Energy Drain Rule Number Seven – Be More Creative

Introverts commonly experience difficulties of self-expression. It may be hard for them to express themselves satisfactorily in social interaction due to communication blocks such as shyness. Additionally, introverts tend to come across to new people as being withdrawn or closed. Even though they may be warm-hearted people once you get to know them, many introverts give the initial impression of being cold and aloof due to […]

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Being Social Makes Me Tired: Introvert Energy Rule 6

Introvert Energy Drain Rule Number Six – Create Healthy Boundaries

It is important for introverts to maintain good boundaries with others for their wellbeing. In one sense, this is because introverts are often empathic and may unconsciously absorb the moods and feelings of the people around them, which can be disruptive and compromise their sense of peace. An introvert often finds their balanced state of mind is made unsettled when in the company of people who […]

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My Work Drains Me – Introvert Energy Rule Number 5

Introvert Energy Drain Rule Number Five – Choose a ‘Introverted’ Job

Introverts tend to be more sensitive to their environment than extroverts are. Being in busy or over-stimulating environments can be an energetic disaster for introverts. Working in the wrong job that does not take account for the introvert’s preference for working independently in calm conditions can lead to a stressful work life.

Speaking from experience, working in a normal office environment meant it was difficult […]

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Being Around People Drains Me – Introvert Rule Number 4

Introvert Energy Drain Rule Number Four – Be More Open

It helps to think of reality as a constant flow of opportunities that are constantly whizzing past you. If you pay attention to the opportunities, or if you contribute a little to that flow, you can catch them. The introvert’s problem is that they often miss out on these opportunities because they either don’t notice them in the first place because they are absorbed in their own […]

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Why Do I Feel Drained After Socialising? – Rule Number Three

Introvert Energy Drain Rule Number Three – Be Social: The Introvert’s Way

Introverts who haven’t yet learnt to focus on their social strengths cannot help but feel socially inferior and awkward in social situations. The way that is natural for them to interact with others often doesn’t work effectively, especially in group situations. However, once introverts learn to be themselves while abiding to the most rudimentary social graces, they acquire a quiet confidence that carries them […]

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Tired from Socialising – Rule Number Two

Introvert Energy Drain Rule Number Two – Make Time and Space for Solitude

The need for solitude in order to process, recharge and relax is fundamental for introverts. However, an introvert who is unaware of their true nature or who is not mindful of their own needs may not ensure that they get to spend enough time alone in order to stay healthy and happy. Due to the demands of a busy life, especially in a modern city, an […]

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Introvert Energy Drain – 9 Rules to Live By

Introvert Energy Drain Rule Number One – Protect and Conserve Your Energy

Introverts become drained of energy through social interaction. Unlike extroverts who are energized through talking to and interacting with others, being social costs introverts energy. In particular, they can’t spend too much time socialising with the wrong people, or else it will leave them sapped of their life force and joy.

If an introvert makes the mistake of allowing their energy to run out, […]

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Sneaky Panic Attacks

This blog could perhaps be more aptly renamed ‘Panic Attacks by Jade.’ That’s because I recently realised the extent to which my life and personality is organised around avoiding people and situations that may potentially trigger sneaky panic attacks in me. Until this realisation came, I had thought the overwhelming emotional states that sometimes happened to me in social situations were the darkside of being an introvert. I thought that being an introvert and […]

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Perfectionism and Shyness

Here’s me speaking at the edge of my comfort zone where there is no such thing as perfect.

I decided to make this video because the perfect videos filmed in my introvert’s cave are not authentic. Most of the videos on my channel show me talking at my best when I am not shy, blocked or being distracted by noise. They present a perfect video self that isn’t true.

By recording myself in public at the […]

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Are You Are Sparky Introvert?

The stereotypical introvert is that bored-sounding one standing in the corner for good reason–the majority of introverts really are like that. The sparky introvert is a different kettle of fish all together. Want to know if you’re a sparky introvert? Count the signs that are true for you…

1. You are a lover of words and language.

2. You’re an eccentric (and proud of it).

3. You’re a cat lover.

4. You’re not one of those bored-sounding […]

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