A Rabbit as a King of Ghosts (Poem)

‘A Rabbit as a King of the Ghosts’ by Wallace Stevens with audio narration and illustration by me…

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22 Asperger’s Signs in Adults

A list of classic and more subtle traits of Asperger’s Syndrome in adults:

  1. Misunderstood – most people just don’t get you.
  2. Sensory overwhelm – sometimes your senses are too sharp.
  3. Angry explosion meltdowns – may happen when triggered or feeling trapped.
  4. Crying meltdowns – may happen when overwhelmed.
  5. Silent shutdowns – times when you can’t speak or socialise.
  6. Avoidance – not going places you imagine will be hard for you.
  7. Head person – logical person who thinks and analyses.
  8. Pattern finder – […]
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How an INTJ Thinks

A look inside the mind of an INTJ (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgement)…

Watch Part Two: CLICK HERE

The INTJ personality looks at the world by analysing it and breaking it down into patterns. When an INTJ encounters a problem, he or she will apply intuition and reasoning to find a solution. Sometimes this results in breakthrough moments and radical solutions. However, the endless thinking and analysing can also get the INTJ absolutely nowhere.

The thinking self of an INTJ […]

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Draw my Life (OLD VIDEO)

I made this Draw My Life video three years ago. My Jade Joddle YouTube channel is now 4 years old.

What do you think of the old Jade Joddle video style? Let me know in a comment…

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Mad Hermit Woman – Poem

Mad hermit woman

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Introverts: 5 Reasons We’re Like Cats

Are you an introvert and cat lover? Well, that’s no surprise! Find out 5 reasons introverts are just like cats. *Guest vlog by Michaela Chung from Introvert Spring.

Sign One – Choosy Love
Cats are selective with whom they show some love. When a cat is your friend, you know that you’re special to them.

Sign Two – Simple needs
It doesn’t take much to make a cat happy. All they need is food, affection […]

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Are You Secretly Shy?

Do you ever feel as if you can’t be yourself? You may be secretly shy…

Do you ever feel as if you can’t be yourself? It’s as if no matter how hard you try, the real you just can’t get out.

I’m Jade Joddle The Introvert Specialist and believe me I know what that’s like. For 25 years I felt as if I were trapped inside an egg.

When I lived inside that egg its fair to […]

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10 Ways To Overcome Shyness

It’s time to stop hiding the real you…

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Introvert! Introvert! Introvert!

Being an introvert is both good and bad, you know…

I look out at the world through big, googly introverted glasses. That’s just how it is for me – so be it. I’m not proud about my introverted reality because I didn’t do anything special to make it happen. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been this way.

The best times in my introverted life are when I escape into nature. I feel […]

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10 Awkward Life Moments Introverts Experience

Awkward Life Moments Introverts Experience

Life can be full of painful moments for introverts in social situations. It would be nice to wake up one day completely free of your introverted ways, which probably isn’t going to happen. Here are 10 awkward life moments that I experience as an introvert. Do you experience these too?

Number 1 – A medium-sized gathering. There are too many people for you to have a meaningful conversation with anyone, and […]

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Introversion test – 10 Signs you are an introvert

10 Signs you are an Introvert

Maybe you think that being an introvert is a bad thing? That’s because most people just think it means to be shy and awkward. However, this is not what it means to be introverted.

Introverts get their energy from spending time alone in their thoughts. Extroverts on the other hand are energised by spending time around people.

Sign 1 – You prefer to hang out with just one person at a […]

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