31 Things You Didn’t Know About Me…

If you’ve been watching my videos or reading this blog for a while, you might be curious to know a little bit more about me. Although on the one hand my work may seem very¬†personal because I talk openly about my psychological experiences and vulnerabilities (as I would to people I meet in real life), in my opinion my work is actually rather impersonal. I regard it as being impersonal as I […]

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Mad Hermit Woman – Poem

Mad hermit woman

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How To Speak With A Clear British Accent

The British are known across the world for speaking with a clear and precise accent (otherwise known as Received Pronunciation or R.P.). To be able to speak with a clear British English accent it is first necessary to develop and strengthen the facial muscles at the side of the mouth. Once you have trained up these muscles by doing the speech training exercise I demonstrate in the video, you too will be able to […]

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Storytelling – With Gesture and Expression

How to make your storytelling come alive by the use of gesture, movement and facial expression…


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American Accent Tour

Accents of the USA

Perdita Lawton voice over artist gives us some tips, tricks and phrases to speak as characters with American accents…

New York Bronx Accent – to sound like you’re from the Bronx say ‘coffee’ as many times as possible while eating a bagel.

Standard American Accent (East Coast) – try saying, ‘I’ll get a cheeseburger and fries’ or ‘I love cheeseburger and fries’. **Calm down we’re only joking. ūüėČ

Jade’s Lisping American Nerd Accent- don’t […]

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Voice Training for Depth and Power

Get a Grounded, Richly Resonant Voice

To set free your inner voice try this voice training exercise from the Method School of Acting, which would have been practised by actors like Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino. The idea of this exercise is to develop a voice that is deeply grounded in the body, carrying with it¬†a deep, powerful resonance. A grounded¬†voice voice is rich and deep – that’s¬†very different to a¬†voice that resonates in the […]

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How to Get a Date

What to Say to a Beautiful Woman

According to dating expert Bear, picking up hot chicks is a piece of cake. Follow his dating advice and see how yourself how easy it can be to get hot chicks.

Step One – Find The Honeys

Be constantly on the look out for beautiful women

Step Two – Impress Them

Don’t beat around the bush with your beautiful lady. Make an instant invitation to her so that she is impressed by […]

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Secret to Great Conversation

Being Present in Conversation

The reason we often fail to have great conversations is that we don’t really listen to each other. Benjamin shows us that the secret to great conversation is in establishing the right flow between being active and passive. To symbolise the flow of great conversation Benjamin shares with us a tai chi exercise in which the breath flows into the body and out again in the shape of a circle.

When we […]

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How to Get a Sexy Voice

Practical Vocal Training Exercise to Get a Raspy Voice

Some people are born with sexy voices, while other people must learn how to fake it. By doing this exercise you can enhance the sexiness of your voice by bringing out its throaty vibrations. Do the exercise to temporarily change your voice so that it has a raspy quality to it.

The Frog – to do this exercise make the noise of the frog in your throat. […]

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3 Bad Habits in Conversation

3 Bad Conversation Habits

To make a good impression and communicate effectively, you must avoid 3 bad conversation habits. The 3 bad habits are very common and if you are honest with yourself, you may find that you are sometimes guilty of them when talking to your friends. Avoid these habits and you will be sure to have stronger and more positive relationships in your life.

1. Don’t be nosey – Nosey people ask the wrong […]

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How to be Interesting in Conversation

Conversation Advice

Many people worry that they are not interesting in conversation. However, there is no need for concern about this as it is easy to be interesting in conversation and everybody can do it. By applying the following 3 conversation tips, you can be sure to be interesting when talking to people.

1. Be interested – Interesting people are interested in other people. In a conversation they listen to what other people have to tell […]

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English Conversation

Common anxieties about conversation are nerves and feeling as if you don’t know what to talk about. If you follow these three conversational principles, it will help you overcome social fears about having a conversation.

Rule Number 1 – Keep it Simple

People often put themselves under a lot of pressure to have intelligent and original conversations, which only leads to increased anxiety and feelings of unworthiness. In fact, most conversation is neither intelligent nor useful. […]

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10 Awkward Life Moments Introverts Experience

Awkward Life Moments Introverts Experience

Life can be full of painful moments for introverts in social situations. It would be nice to wake up one day completely free of your introverted ways, which probably isn’t going to happen. Here are 10 awkward life moments that I experience as an introvert. Do you experience these too?

Number 1 – A medium-sized gathering. There are too many people for you to have a meaningful conversation with anyone, and […]

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Introversion test – 10 Signs you are an introvert

10 Signs you are an Introvert

Maybe you think that being an introvert is a bad thing? That’s because most people just think it means to be shy and awkward. However, this is not what it means to be introverted.

Introverts get their energy from spending time alone in their thoughts. Extroverts on the other hand are energised by spending time around people.

Sign 1 – You prefer to hang out with just one person at a […]

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What Is The Rhythm of The English Language?

Master the Rhythm of English to Speak English Well

Many people find it difficult to understand the concept of rhythm when learning English, but actually it’s a lot more simple than it seems at first. There is a secret to understanding the rhythm of English, which I’m about to reveal to you.

That secret is iambic pentameter – de dum, de dum, de dum, de dum, de dum.

It’s amazingly simple and that’s all you really need […]

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