Why I Turned Comments On and Then Off and then On again

For most of the nearly 4 years I have been on YouTube I did not reply to any comments and I had the comments on my blog closed. I also ignored most of the emails I received from viewers. The reason I did not reply to emails was because it kept happening that one email reply to a fan would turn into an email tsunami in which they would keep writing me long, […]

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Is Turkey The Hardest Place to Make Friends?

Today I am feeling sorry for myself so I decided to write about my experience of making friends in Turkey. 

I have had enough international experience of living in different places to know that every place in the world has different social rules about friendship and making friends. When you move to a new country you can’t just expect it to be the same as what you are used to in you […]

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Everyday Ways People Hurt and Confuse You In Life

I have learned that people may act in confusing and hurtful ways. Here are some ‘small’ confusing things I have experienced that hurt me more than you might imagine…

(1) Invited to Get in Touch – Then Blanked – One day I was walking my mum’s dog when an old family friend stopped me in the street. When I was a child we used to go on holiday together. She seemed really happy to […]

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10 Reasons Your Reaching Out Email was Ignored

Have you ever reached out to an internet personality via email only to find that your message was ignored? Here are the ten reasons in my personal experience that I may choose not to reply to unsolicited emails (emails that I did not request to receive in the first place).

(1) You Made a Demand

When a stranger emails you with no background information and immediately demands something from you, it acts as a strong repellent. For example, someone I […]

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Boundary Violations – How to Nip Them in The Bud

Your personal space needs to be protected. If you don’t speak up and act to protect your boundaries in a situation where someone infringes on you to the point where you feel uncomfortable, the person will continue to invade your space. If you continue to say or do nothing, in most cases, the boundary breaker will go even further when given the next opportunity.

It is important and necessary to defend your personal space because to […]

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My Friend Fat Cat

Fat Cat is a stray cat who lives by the apartment where I was living in Istanbul. Her favourite place to sit is on a bench at the bus stop. Whenever I passed by the bus stop I would stop to say hello, and if she was in the mood for some attention, I would pet her for a couple of minutes. Since there are many similarities between introverts and cats, getting to know […]

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What To Do When Your Friends Won’t Speak In English

I have spent years of my life feeling like an invisible ghost in social situations because my friends won’t speak in English. This happens to me when I am in a foreign language situation and I am the only one who doesn’t speak the main language. While my non native friends like to speak English with me on a one-to-one level, this preference is quickly dumped in group or party situations. Over the years […]

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