How and Why I Help People with Boundaries

In this video I mainly talk about the example of ‘helping’ people in relation to my job. For example, when somebody writes to me asking for information. However, the idea of helping people with boundaries is also something I apply more broadly in my life.

Having ‘helping boundaries’ means that you do not help someone anytime they want something from you simply because they asked for something. It means reflecting on whether the ‘help’ the […]

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When Good Friends Turn Toxic

I’ve written in previous posts about what full connections are. These are relationships in your life in which you feel deeply understood, and the quality of these relationships is open, and the connection that you share is deep.

In my life, I’m nourished by these full relationships with people. Other kinds of relationships are not that meaningful for me; it’s more like going through the motions. When there’s a friend in my life with […]

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The Airy Mind and the Earthy Body

Guest Post by Nina Lalumia

At least since the time of Aristotle (the fourth century B. C.), the idea that there are four basic elements–earth, water, air and fire–has been an important theme in our culture. Aristotle himself used this idea to understand the physical world. He thought about the four elements much the same way that chemists today understand elements such as hydrogen and carbon. The basic idea is that underlying any […]

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When your friend treats you like a baby

I recently mentioned in a post two people in my life I am not speaking to and have cut out of my life. One of these people is a cousin of mine. We were extremely close until about 4 years ago when the rift between us occurred. I told my cousin I needed space from her so that I could move forward in my life making my own decisions for myself. Without going […]

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Confusing Rejections By People

Yesterday I went to the forest with my boyfriend and a friend. It was still quite early when we arrived which meant was nobody really there, expect for the three of us walking around and exploring the trails. After we had hiked around for a while and had started back in the direction of the car, somebody in the distance started shouting over at us. I didn’t understand what he was shouting in Turkish as […]

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Why I Turned Comments On and Then Off and then On again

For most of the nearly 4 years I have been on YouTube I did not reply to any comments and I had the comments on my blog closed. I also ignored most of the emails I received from viewers. The reason I did not reply to emails was because it kept happening that one email reply to a fan would turn into an email tsunami in which they would keep writing me long, […]

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10 Reasons Your Reaching Out Email was Ignored

Have you ever reached out to an internet personality via email only to find that your message was ignored? Here are the ten reasons in my personal experience that I may choose not to reply to unsolicited emails (emails that I did not request to receive in the first place).

(1) You Made a Demand

When a stranger emails you with no background information and immediately demands something from you, it acts as a strong repellent. For example, someone I […]

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Boundary Violations – How to Nip Them in The Bud

Your personal space needs to be protected. If you don’t speak up and act to protect your boundaries in a situation where someone infringes on you to the point where you feel uncomfortable, the person will continue to invade your space. If you continue to say or do nothing, in most cases, the boundary breaker will go even further when given the next opportunity.

It is important and necessary to defend your personal space because to […]

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