The Double Negative

It’s Wrong but also Somehow Right

This video is about double negatives. Double negatives are very natural for native speakers in England. They are said on a daily basis. However, double negatives are not standard English and therefore are to be considered a common mistake in English. As an English learner, you want to learn the best form of English and to speak English correctly. When you are in England you will hear […]

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What Are The Stereotypes of British Women?

This video is about some of the negative stereotypes of British women. A Stereotype is a generalisation about a group of people. They are usually old fashioned and over-simplistic. However, it is often said that there is some truth in them; that they are stereotypes for a reason.

It is common for people outside of the UK to see British women as fat and wearing clothes too small for them, ugly and drunken.

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Quality of Life in London – Money £££

The Streets of London are not Necessarily Paved with Gold

This video is a British culture lesson about London and a few misconceptions about it. A misconception is when a lot of people have the wrong idea about something. The main misconception I talk about is the belief that “all British people are rich.” Although in British culture, and especially in the centre of London, there are a lot of rich people, most […]

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