Spasmodic Dysphonia Example Voice and Healing Advice

Spasmodic dysphonia is a speech disorder where the voice cuts out. What happens from a medical perspective is that the voice box and/or glottis spasms while the person is speaking. A example of a person speaking with a mild case of spasmodic dysphonia can be heard in the video below:

For more videos from Sara Conte CLICK HERE.

What I picked up from Sara’s voice is that there is a lot of forcing in it in the […]

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Learning English Has Turned Me Into a Shy Person – HELP!

Talking about muteness in foreign language situations.

This email is my advice reply to a fan email. The issue is that after a year and a half of studying English abroad in a language school he can still barely speak a word. During this experience his whole personality has changed from confident to shy.

He writes in his email that he was originally shy as a child / young person but he got over it in […]

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Why Can’t Italians Speak English?

Have you ever wondered why so many Italians have poor English speaking skills? Hint: it’s not what you think…

PLEASE NOTE: the observations and reflections shared in this post are based on having visited Italy a number of times over a 10-year period and each time having been the guest of (different) Italians. As a result of these trips, I’ve got to know Italians from across the country (from South to North) from […]

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How to Learn English Fast

Everyone is looking for the secret of how to learn English fast. Of course we want to achieve our goals in the fastest possible way but that often means that we run out of energy along the way. What we need to find out is the fastest and best way to reach our goals. This allows us to succeed and reach the finishing line.

When you strain and push yourself to reach a goal you […]

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English Conversation

Common anxieties about conversation are nerves and feeling as if you don’t know what to talk about. If you follow these three conversational principles, it will help you overcome social fears about having a conversation.

Rule Number 1 – Keep it Simple

People often put themselves under a lot of pressure to have intelligent and original conversations, which only leads to increased anxiety and feelings of unworthiness. In fact, most conversation is neither intelligent nor useful. […]

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How to Stop Shyness when Speaking English

When you are a shy speaker it means that when you speak a different language, you find yourself suddenly shy and you have uncomfortable feelings. You may find that you choose not to say anything when you have the opportunity to speak the other language. You can be a shy speaker of other languages even if you are not shy in your own language.

Introverts usually have the problem of being shy speakers of other […]

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Language and Goals

Watch your Language to Reach your goals

I believe our language is powerful, therefore we should use our words wisely. Our language influences us in whether we achieve our goals, and whether the things we want to happen, happen. Let me give you some examples of how you can change your language to change your life.


Let’s take the situation of when someone tries to quit smoking. It’s not easy to do. Many people are able […]

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How to Beat your English Language Blocks

There will be moments in your life where you find that you have the power and energy to make huge changes in your life. When this happens you have the strength to beat your emotional blocks that hold you back from success and fulfilment in life.

When you try to make big changes to your personality and speaking skills you will find that you first fail many times. You try to make a change but […]

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Do I Need to Learn Phrasal Verbs?

In English we often have a formal version of a verb such as ‘protect’ and and a phrasal verb version of the verb that has the same meaning such as ‘look after.’ Both versions of the verb have the same meaning. The difference is to do with register: one verb has a formal meaning, and the other is used in everyday speech.

Native speakers use phrasal verbs in their everyday speech. This is because these […]

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Should I Study at a British University?

Are Expensive British Degrees Really Worth it?

This video is an honest British opinion on whether or not people from outside of the UK should chose to study over here in the UK. British universities have a good reputation internationally for being academic institutions of very high quality. Modern day, western style universities are modeled on the British tradition of education and learning from what is known as the ‘enlightenment’ period where England ruled the […]

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How to Learn English Vocabulary Self-Study

Don’t Bore Yourself Learning Hundreds of New Words

This is an instructional video with bits of advice on how to build your vocabulary. It is said that you can only learn eight words a day. This not seem like very many words but this may be true for some people and not true for others. Please mention in the comments whether building vocabulary is easier or harder for you.

Latinized languages have words that are similar […]

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