Forgetting Your Native Language

Talking about when as a native speaker your kind of English changes because of living abroad a long time – it’s called scrambled English!

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Spasmodic Dysphonia Example Voice and Healing Advice

Spasmodic dysphonia is a speech disorder where the voice cuts out. What happens from a medical perspective is that the voice box and/or glottis spasms while the person is speaking. A example of a person speaking with a mild case of spasmodic dysphonia can be heard in the video below:

For more videos from Sara Conte CLICK HERE.

What I picked up from Sara’s voice is that there is a lot of forcing in it in the […]

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Learning English Has Turned Me Into a Shy Person – HELP!

Talking about muteness in foreign language situations.

This email is my advice reply to a fan email. The issue is that after a year and a half of studying English abroad in a language school he can still barely speak a word. During this experience his whole personality has changed from confident to shy.

He writes in his email that he was originally shy as a child / young person but he got over it in […]

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Why I don’t use sayings in my speech

Talking about how the idioms or proverbs we use in speech shape our realities:


Click for Speaking Skills Practice: Download Video Transcript


Share in a comment if there are idioms/proverbs that you are in the habit of using in your speech…

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Are you an educational victim?

What is an educational victim? An educational victim is somebody who can’t or won’t learn something for themselves. This kind of person has to be spoonfed everything by a teacher or else nothing is learnt by them and they will remain ignorant. Rather than doing their own research to find the answer to their question, the educational victim demands the attention or energy of other people in order to be given the requested information. […]

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I want to start a YouTube Channel BUT my English isn’t good enough :'(

Is your secret dream to start a YouTube channel of your own but you don’t think your English is good enough? Take some creative inspiration and courage to get started from my top-five YouTube channels by non-native speakers of English…

(1) Venus Angelic – Venus makes videos about Japanese culture as well as her life as a ‘living doll’ (a person with a dolly persona). Venus is a polyglot who is able to speak 7 […]

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Why Can’t Italians Speak English?

Have you ever wondered why so many Italians have poor English speaking skills? Hint: it’s not what you think…

PLEASE NOTE: the observations and reflections shared in this post are based on having visited Italy a number of times over a 10-year period and each time having been the guest of (different) Italians. As a result of these trips, I’ve got to know Italians from across the country (from South to North) from […]

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Travelling on the Bus – Learn English by Roleplay

Useful phrases for riding the London bus – a video roleplay for learning English. You will learn…

1. Essential phrases you need to travel by bus in London.
2. How and where to buy a ticket for a London bus.
3. How to politely talk to a London bus driver.

Watch the video below:



Download Video Transcript



For more learning English videos like this check out…

1. How […]

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When ‘Confused Face’ Attacks!

‘Confused face’ happens when you are trying to speak in a foreign language. You say something and the person to whom you are speaking looks at you in response as if you are an alien from outer space. Being on the receiving end of a confused face attack can be upsetting because it isn’t nice to see a person’s face scrunch up when you say something to them. If you are sensitive to people […]

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How To Spell Tricky Words In English

Improve Your English Vocabulary with over 70 Tricky Words: Video Course Review

Quick Course Summary: Improve Your English Vocabulary with over 70 Tricky Words by Criss Ittermann is a 2-hour video course for upper-intermediate to advanced learners of English. By taking this course you will learn imaginative strategies for remembering the most commonly misspelt words in the English language.

Who Should Take This Course: This course is recommended for non-native speakers of English who […]

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Master Polite English

Master Polite English: Video Course Review

Quick Course Summary: Master Polite English by Dylan Gates is a  2-hour video course about how to be polite in English from a British English perspective. By joining this course you will learn how to soften the directness of your speech in order to be more polite when speaking English. Learning how to improve the politeness of your English will be especially useful to non-native speakers of English who […]

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Best English Grammar Book

English Grammar in Use with Answers and CD-ROM: A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Intermediate Learners of English

Learning English Resources Review

Quick Summary: English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphey is a comprehensive self-study guide for learning everything you need to know about English grammar.

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An Introduction To English Pronunciation By Justin Noppe – Udemy Course Review

English Pronunciation Course Review

Quick Course Summary

An Introduction to English Pronunciation‘ is a well-structured and concise course video course in how to produce the different sounds (phonemes) of the English language. The course also includes more general information on English pronunciation such as the schwa sound and connected speech.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is suitable for intermediate level students and above who want to improve their English pronunciation […]

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Foreign Language Anxiety

Blocked, frozen and blank when you need to speak a second language? You may have foreign language anxiety…

Foreign language anxiety is when a person feels extremely nervous when speaking a second language. While some nerves are to be expected when learning a new language, people suffering with foreign language anxiety are overwhelmed by strong feelings of unease. Sufferers find that the words they need just won’t come to them in situations where they need to […]

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Secret to Great Conversation

Being Present in Conversation

The reason we often fail to have great conversations is that we don’t really listen to each other. Benjamin shows us that the secret to great conversation is in establishing the right flow between being active and passive. To symbolise the flow of great conversation Benjamin shares with us a tai chi exercise in which the breath flows into the body and out again in the shape of a circle.

When we […]

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