A Cultural English Breakfast

This video is about the Great British Cafe. A cafe ( /kæf/) is a different place to a café ( /kæˈfeɪ/). While in a café you can expect to buy nice coffee, cakes and paninis, in a cafe you can buy a very greasy breakfast cheaply. Most famous of all the meals you can buy in a cafe is the full English breakfast, which consists of fried eggs, baked beans, two toast, mushrooms, hash browns, fried tomatoes, bacon and sausages with a cup of tea or coffee. It is delicious, especially when you are hung-over.  However, it is recommended not to eat it everyday because even though it is delicious, all the food is fried, making it is very unhealthy and fatty. You would become very fat, very quickly!

It is typically builders who eat at British cafes in the morning. British cafes are open early and people in the construction industry start work early. Also, because builders have very hard, physical, manual labour jobs they need the fat for energy and the protein for muscle. Builder’s lunches are much later in the afternoon, so they need to keep their stomachs full for a long time too. They slurp a cup of milky tea after their breakfast (tea is the Great British tradition that everyone drinks and builders are no different, even drinking it all day at work for energy and enjoyment.)

Almost everyone in a cafe reads a tabloid newspaper while they wait for their breakfast or when they are finishing their tea after it. A tabloid newspaper is one that is very populist and has catchy headlines, silly stories, political scandals, and naked women. The type of English used in these newspapers will be very different to the type you learn in class but it is a very common type of English that is used by many people every day.

The people in cafes have very strong, local accents that you may find hard to understand. They are usually from the local neighbourhood around the cafe where you are eating. They are usually interesting characters as well that fall into a few categories. There are often old age pensioners, complaining about the cost of living and their small pensions. There are the builders. There are hungover people on the weekends staring into their plates. Then there are the owners who are often Turkish.

If you are in England and are from a different, you should visit the Great British cafe because it is an interesting and very real cultural experience for you. This is the real England of the everyday and if you want to understand British culture, this is an important aspect of it. Even if it looks dirty, visit and try it out for yourself!