Unfortunately the Average British Man is not as Charming as Hugh Grant

This video talks about the stereotypes of British men. A stereotype is a generalisation about a group of people. They are usually old fashioned and over-simplistic. However, it is often said that there is some truth in them; that they are stereotypes for a reason.

People from outside of England see British men as posh and intellectual. Being ‘posh’ typically implies that you are from a wealthy family that is very traditional in its practices and outlook and usually means that you are privately educated have studied in a school for which you must pay fees. These kind of schools are somewhat confusingly known as ‘public schools’ in the UK.

Being posh is also associated with a particular old-fashioned accent, which is called conservative R.P. Posh people may also be seen as a cultured, intellectual group of people. This is because during the mid 1800s up until the early 1900s, posh British men led the world in academic pursuits such as the sciences and engineering. However, In my experience British men are no more intellectual than the women and no more intellectual than the men of other countries. Posh people only account for a very small amount of the population. So I think the stereotype that British men are posh and intellectual is untrue.

People also think that British men are charming but awkward around women, and are incapable of expressing their emotions and are reserved. The typical example of this is Hugh Grant. In my experience, this is a romantic vision of the British man. People do not have the same manners as him, so this stereotype is untrue as well.

Another stereotype of British men is that they are all football hooligans. Football hooligans are people who drink beer, watch football, are very proud about their country and, most importantly, get into a lot of fights. Maybe this is true in football competitions, but in my daily life I do not experience it. British men enjoy football, but they do not take it too seriously in my opinion. It is a negative stereotype and it does exist, but only a tiny percentage of men who watch football are like this.
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