Mispronunciation Issues?

I don’t know about you, but I think I ought to join this Mispronunciation Society. šŸ˜‰

How Expressing Herself Changed Venus Angelic

I’m sharing this video by Venus Angelic because she talks about the impact that making YouTube videos (self-expression) has had on her over 7 years. Compared to how she was before, Venus is now able to reach out beyond her inner world to connect with peopleĀ and to be less isolated. One of the more recent lessons she has learned is also to express what she really thinks instead of seeking to please others. Venus really inspires me because despite her difficulties with speech (checking what she says before she speaks) she can speakĀ 5 languages, Including Japanese!

Best Way to Give and Receive Compliments

Are you awkward about giving compliments and receiving compliments? Do you either say nothing or brush them off? Here are my tips about when to give compliments and what to say.

I talk about the importance of giving genuine compliments and about how some people use compliments as a means of being influential. Follow my tips and you won’t feel awkward next time you give or receive a compliment!

Australian’s and ‘Cunt’

Unlike in the UK, the word ‘cunt’ can be used as a compliment in Australia. But take note, it depends on your tone and whether you have a sense of familiarity with a person: