I Don’t Like Social Hugging

Do you feel social pressure to hug everyone even if you don’t want to be huggy or don’t like it? Should you hug someone anyway just because everyone else is doing it? Here are my thoughts about social hugging and the question of whether to hug or not to hug in social situations, in particular with people you hardly know.

The Asperger’s Fighting Spirit

Krister Palo’s fighting spirit regarding the challenges of having Asperger’s syndrome. No matter how hard it gets – never give up!

*I agree apart from on the Nuclear issue.

My Story as a Speaker: Speech at the University of Hull

Jade Joddle is a YouTube Speaking Skills Specialist. Not a naturally gifted speaker, Jade who has Asperger’s Syndrome, has had to battle her personal speech difficulties on the way to gathering her half a million subscribers. Jade’s message is that if she can learn to speak, you can do it too!

This talk was recording at Hull Public Speaking Society at the University of Hull.

What to Do If Your Interview Goes Really Wrong!

Did you ever have an important interview, presentation or speech to give that went wrong in a big way? What to do if it all goes wrong and you’re left embarrassed in front of a crowd of people or large audience.

This video was inspired by the viral video ‘The Funniest Video of The Year’ in which Professor Robert Kelly’s interview on BBC News gets interrupted by his kids causing chaos.