Introvert Energy Drain Rule Number Four – Put You and Your Needs First Socially

To reach the point where you have learnt to manage your energy as an introvert and can avoid getting drained in social actions, you will need to develop a “socially selfish” attitude. If it helps, you can even think of your attempts at managing your energy as a silent game you play with yourself that nobody knows about. You throw politeness and social convention out of the window as you put your need to balance your energy and save yourself from the draining company first. When you embrace your choice to be socially selfish, you don’t feel obligated to stay stuck in conversation with someone who drains you. Once you understand about the flow of energy between people, you’re not sorry to say goodbye to people who aren’t worth what they cost you in energy.

Whether they like it or not, introverts move through life constantly supplying others with energy through their attention. Becoming socially selfish doesn’t mean that you have to become stingy and mean. What it actually means is that you begin to spend your energy a lot more wisely so that you can accomplish a lot more, and consequently, do more good overall. You have to become a guardian of your energy first before you can channel it into something constructive that makes a difference. The surplus energy you generate can then be spent on your creative work, which feeds back into your need for self-expression and makes you feel even better. Or if you prefer, you can spend this excess energy on your loved ones and friends in the form of your attention, support, or nurture. Whatever you decide to do with your energy, you’re clear about no longer wasting it on social interactions that leave you feeling empty and drained.

Learning how to manage your energy is, most of all, the greatest gift you can give to yourself. It’s a delicate art of living your life where you constantly seek to balance your energy and protect yourself from feeling drained. Feeling drained is not only bad for you in a physical sense because when you are over-tired, you cannot function, but it is also awful for your relationships because once you reach that stage, you can no longer maintain control of your emotions and are liable to snap or say hurtful things. Therefore, learning to balance your energy is also the best thing you can do as an introvert for the people in your life. Never forget that you must learn to take care of yourself before you fuss and worry about others.

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