About Jade Joddle

My name is Jade Joddle and I teach about speech. Browse around my site for topics related to speaking skills and self-expression.

Skype Consultations with Jade Joddle

I meet with clients who don’t like the way they speak or sound in private Skype consultations. If you are interested to work with me, here’s some things to know first so that you can decide if my approach is a good fit for you.

1. My approach is holistic: in addition to speech training my appointments may include practical health or wellbeing advice.

2. I analyse your speech and voice at a technical level and give you honest feedback about what I hear.

3. To identify the root of your speech problem I apply my intuition and learned experience of having trained hundreds of people with speech problems over a five-year period.

4. I hold no formal qualifications in speech therapy or psychology. I am self-taught and follow a methodology I created myself based on my own experience as a speaker and teacher.

5. My consultations (where appropriate) include teaching you techniques for your own self-training and self-development.

6. If relevant, I may recommend other specialists I trust who I have personally worked with if I feel they could be of assistance to you following our appointment. However, it’s up to you if you decide to contact them for more information / work with them.

7. Most consultations are a talk through your issues with speech and include my recommendations for moving beyond them.

8. If you are seeking help due to an accent issue, I recommend that you first take my Clear Accent course as it is a much more cost-effective way to work with me than in private consultations.

9. I do not do long-term appointments nor do I sell packages of training: I am a guide who takes you to the next step of your speaking journey.


Who I Don’t Work With

1. Many people know me from my learning English YouTube channel, however, please note: I do not teach English in Skype consultations. My appointments are only for people who have speech problems. I do work with non-native speakers but there must be a specific speech problem you are dealing with, such as mutism in English or an accent problem.

2. I do not do appointments related to accent except in cases where you have already joined my online course Clear Accent and wish to get top-up appointments to have my personal feedback and training.


General Appointment Information

1. I conduct appointments Mon-Fri during office hours in the UK time zone. If you don’t have availability within that time, either make time for your session or don’t book.

2. For your appointment, you need to speak to me from a private space where you will not be overheard.

3. You may request a refund up to 24 hours before your appointment.

4. You may reschedule your appointment (one time only) if you have a health or technical issue.


Consultation Cost (One Hour on Skype)
Payment is via credit/debit card or PayPal
First Session = £100
Follow Up Session for Previous Clients = £70

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