Do you ever feel as if you can’t be yourself? You may be secretly shy…

Do you ever feel as if you can’t be yourself? It’s as if no matter how hard you try, the real you just can’t get out.

I’m Jade Joddle The Introvert Specialist and believe me I know what that’s like. For 25 years I felt as if I were trapped inside an egg.

When I lived inside that egg its fair to say I had the personality of a spoon.

The reserved and serious person you would have met then had nothing in common with the sensitive and playful person I kept secret inside. Why was I so scared of letting this part of me see daylight?

I was awkward, anxious and constantly worried about what others thought of me, but you would never have guessed. You see, my cheeks didn’t go red and my voice didn’t shake either. I was expert at keeping my unwanted feelings hidden. Me – I’m not shy!

Why does this even matter?

When you are trapped inside yourself, you feel like an outsider all the time. You can go through the motions of socialising, but it leaves you empty. You are nothing more than a ghost friend trying to be there in the moment, so why bother anyway?

Life in the egg is a paradox. You seek connection but at the same time you have deeply held fears about people coming too close which you may not even be aware of. You want to know how to open up but at the same time it’s a scary, potentially overwhelming thought.Without even realising it, you put up strong defences between you and the world.

Many people you know go through their whole lives without doing anything about their secret shyness. It’s okay for them to keep the best part of themselves locked away. Of course awkwardness and anxiety is still a problem, but nobody else realises it’s there, so it’s okay, it’s fine.

Sometimes it happens, however, that the urge to break free from the egg is powerfully strong and cannot be silenced. Such has been the journey of my life – from egg girl to real girl. Look mamma, I’m a real girl!

To smash your shell is a process of transformation. It’s not about being a Humpty Dumpty and taking a running jump off from the nearest wall. It’s a gentle process of learning how to show the real you one baby step at a time.

And I can be your guide, if you want?

Join me for Smash Your Shell and over 10 days together I will share with you everything I’ve learnt about healing secret shyness for good. There are 10 steps to healing Secret Shyness my way. For each of the ten days that we move through this deep process of transformation together, I will be in touch with a new private video and personal story to support you as you tap, tap, tap away to smash your shell.

Never forget this: we are the egg people and we shall be free!


About the Author:

My name is Jade Joddle and I teach about speech. Browse around my site for topics related to speaking skills and self-expression.

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