What is an educational victim? An educational victim is somebody who can’t or won’t learn something for themselves. This kind of person has to be spoonfed everything by a teacher or else nothing is learnt by them and they will remain ignorant. Rather than doing their own research to find the answer to their question, the educational victim demands the attention or energy of other people in order to be given the requested information. This kind of person will blame anyone or anything but themselves (bad school, bad teachers, being poor etc.) for their educational failures. This kind of person makes up the majority of people in our world.

People who are not educational victims take charge of their own learning and enjoy learning for its own sake. They are productive people who use their own energy to further their own education throughout life regarding any range of subjects that are interesting to them. This kind of person does not require a teacher in a traditional sense; although he or she may benefit from a guide who is able to point the student in the right direction towards self learning.

Educational victims are created by the educational system and can only learn something if being spoonfed by a teacher who is in a position of authority over them. Those who are not educational victims will find that they learn much more by themselves away from the classroom and that their time is mostly wasted at school.


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