English Pronunciation Course Review

Quick Course Summary

An Introduction to English Pronunciation‘ is a well-structured and concise course video course in how to produce the different sounds (phonemes) of the English language. The course also includes more general information on English pronunciation such as the schwa sound and connected speech.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is suitable for intermediate level students and above who want to improve their English pronunciation by self-study. This course is also a great resource for English language teachers who want to learn more about the sounds of English (phonemes), in particular how to describe to students where each of the sounds is made in the mouth.

Course Highlights

English teacher Justin Noppe provides just the right amount of detail in the course about how to make each of the vowel and consonant sounds in the English language. When he introduces a new sound he models the mouth, lips and tongue position required to make the sound in British English. This is particularly useful for students who already know what their problem sounds are in English pronunciation. By watching the relevant video for a problem sound, it’s possible to quickly learn how to correct its pronunciation. With regular practice using Justin’s pronunciation practice sentences and tongue twisters, problem sounds can be eliminated from one’s pronunciation.

The video course format was particularly well suited to showing how to make the sounds themselves and was much easier to understand than books and audio lessons that teach the same subject. Justin Noppe is also an expressive teacher who clearly models how and where to make each sound.

Each of the lessons comes with a clear and easy to follow downloadable slideshow which includes all the key information from the lesson.

How To Use This Course As A Learner

The strength of this course is that it teaches how to produce the sounds of the English lesson in a clear and systematic way. The course also includes general pronunciation lessons on word stress, intonation and the schwa, however, these videos do not go deeply into their subjects. I would recommend further research beyond the course into these topics using YouTube for anyone who is really serious about mastering English pronunciation.

An Introduction to English Pronunciation‘ includes a somewhat misleading section on tongue twisters. While there is one good video with example tongue twisters, the other videos in the section are not particularly useful. These videos compare the pronunciation of words in different English accents, and since the quality of these videos is poor, these videos are not worth watching.

Excluding the section on tongue twisters, ‘An Introduction to English Pronunciation’ is an excellent course that goes into the right level of depth for teaching the phonemes of English. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to gain understanding of the sounds of English in order to improve one’s pronunciation of English.

Course Stats:

Course price: $34

Course length: 4 hours of video

Jade Joddle’s Rating: 8/10 (this is very high because most courses on this topic are disappointing!)

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