Welcome to my website – let me introduce myself…

My name is Jade Joddle and I teach about speech.

I also explore self-expression, which is why my work is constantly changing into something new and often surprises.

I endeavour to explore all moods, thoughts and feelings in my work. Sometimes along the way I teach but a lot of the time I’m simply exploring the limits of what I can express that day.

If you like the idea of following me on a rollercoaster through all kinds of experience into the unknown – then you are in the right place!

On a personal note, speaking and expressing myself has always been hard for me. I hope what I am doing here inspires you to show yourself more.

Jade Joddle with camera

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About Jade Joddle

Jade Joddle has over 400 videos and 500k subscribers on her two YouTube channels. The two things she enjoys the most in the world are learning and painting pictures. Jade used to love to travel but is currently taking a long rest!

Jade Joddle with camera

 What They Are Saying About Jade Joddle…

Here’s what the Daily Mail newspaper has to say about me CLICK HERE.

Jade’s has taught me a lot about speaking authentically, without having to become something I am not.

– Julian, English Learning Specialist and creator of DoingEnglish.com

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