For my birthday (32) I have written a post about my beliefs/values. I have another post called 31 Things About Me, which I wanted to add to now I am somewhat older.

  1. I have conservative values. For me, this is to do with conserving the traditions of the past which root us in a rootless age.
  2. I value freedom to live my life as I choose and on my own terms.
  3. Conservative values and personal freedom are equally important to me and exist in a balance between each other.
  4. I respect the right of other people to live life as they choose, except if it involves intentional physical harm to others, sexual abuse, or abuse of any kind to animals or children.
  5. I respect other people to live as they choose but this does not mean that I have to agree with or approve of their behaviour or choices.
  6. I believe in reincarnation and past lives.
  7. I do not have a religion and nor do I want one. However, I know most about Christian symbolism and mythology due my education in English literature.
  8. I do not believe the future is set in stone.
  9. I believe in a god force, but not a specific god stemming from a religion.
  10. I believe that all people are flawed but that they may work towards becoming better human beings.
  11. I believe that all people are flawed but that some people don’t want to change or get better.
  12. I believe that our planet is a living organism in the same way that a body is made up of different groups of cells.
  13. I believe that redemption is possible within a person’s lifetime.
  14. I believe that people are born with wounds which they can choose to work with and heal.
  15. I believe that the powers of creativity are connected to being open to the god force.
  16. I believe that whales and dolphins have more wisdom than humans.
  17. I believe in the power of timing and that things happen at the right time, not before.
  18. I believe that most people come into one’s life only for a period of time.
  19. I believe that when you meet someone special you know it, and that you have shared other lifetimes before.
  20. I believe that integrity is paramount.
  21. I believe in standing up for oneself, but also that not all battles are worth fighting.
  22. I believe that the people worth caring about accept you as you are.
  23. I believe that making mistakes through trial and error is the best way to learn.
  24. I believe in intuition.
  25. I believe in other dimensions.
  26. I believe that strength is a quality that is honed through adversity and that it is a strength worth cultivating.
  27. I do not believe in big pharma.
  28. I believe that most people are the product of their cultures but that there are individuals who transcend their cultural programming.
  29. I do not believe that equality can be manufactured through a political system e.g. Communism.
  30. I believe that the frequency of the voice reflects a person’s soul and the wounds that they presently carry.
  31. I believe that a person’s voice changes as they develop and heal.
  32. I believe that sound is the most beautiful of the arts because it is the most immediate and closest to the god force.