If you’ve been watching my videos or reading this blog for a while, you might be curious to know a little bit more about me. Although on the one hand my work may seem very personal because I talk openly about my psychological experiences and vulnerabilities (as I would to people I meet in real life), in my opinion my work is actually rather impersonal. I regard it as being impersonal as I have only ever really shown glimpses of the details of my day-to-day life, my values, or the things that are important to me. Today I wanted to show you a deeper layer of me which you don’t usually get to know about…

And before you ask, all the things below are true!

31 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

(1) My number-one hobby and thing I ponder the most is numerology. I am fascinated by the patterns of numbers that run through life and the meanings these numbers have in terms of personality.

(2) In numerology I am a lifepath 41/5.

(3) I use natural stones (ones I find myself in natural places) for health and self-care reasons. I also enjoy gifting the stones to people who need them more than me.

(4) I have a strong aversion to taking any medications. As far as I am able, I heal myself or seek alternative forms of healing.

(5) My spirit animals are cat, rabbit, and phoenix. I used to have crab too but I relinquished it (who wants to be crabby and over-sensitive? Not me!).

(6) I believe strongly in self-education and am against any kind of educational hot-housing or spoon-feeding to children. What kids need is for them to learn a work ethic by example and then be given the space to learn things by themselves.

(7) I come from a single-parent family. My mum raised my brother and me alone for most of the time.

(8) When I was 17 my mum had a third baby (my half-sister) and I moved out of home for the first time.

(9) I am self-made (I started my business with just a laptop computer and a webcam and the rest grew over time).

(10) Along the way I met people who were important in teaching me the technical skills I needed. My friend Max helped me to make my first videos at a time when I knew absolutely nothing about video or editing. Later, the founder of EngVid taught me A LOT about cameras, sound, websites and YouTube!

(11) I have a First Class degree in English and American Literature. I graduated in second place for overall marks on my course (when I discovered that I got pissed off for being second!).

(12) I have never really been able to spell that well, although finally it does seem to be getting better.

(13) When I was a kid my teachers said I had dyslexia but I reckon I just needed glasses!

(14) The prescription of my contact lenses is (left) -6.0 and (right) -5.25!

(15) There were NO books in my house as I grew up.

(16) I got my first computer at the age of 22!

(17) I studied at the University of Amsterdam for one year as part of an Erasmus exchange. BEST YEAR EVER!

(18) I have not watched television for many years. I watch about 4 films per year.

(19) When I watch films on flights or at the cinema I ALWAYS cry no matter what the film is about because of too much empathy with the characters and sensory overload. (NOTE: crying even when it isn’t sad can be embarrassing!)

(20) When I was a child we had many pets including boxer dogs, a persian cat, a guinea pig, a hamster, and many rabbits (not all at the same time). My personal pets were rabbits and I was responsible for taking care of them (which I did diligently EVERY SINGLE DAY). A couple of times when I went away from home for a few days a pet rabbit would die!

(21) My favourite pet of all was my persian cat Milo who had long white fur with a beige tail and beige ears. I was able to hold him like a baby. He died when he was 17 years old. 🙁

(22) Milo the cat still visits me in my dreams. 🙂

(23) Besides the UK I have lived in Amsterdam, Dubai and Istanbul.

(24) I have spent about 8 months in Thailand, though not continuously.

(25) Other long, big trips include Nepal and Peru.

(26) I have suffered a lot, been rejected sooo many times, and had LOADS of broken hearts. (But don’t worry, I’m over it) ;).

(27) Now I have a boyfriend who loves and respects me.

(28) How I met my boyfriend: he recognised me in the street by chance and said hello. At the time we met my YouTube channel was very small and I had only about 1000 subscribers!

(29) Before I started working for myself I got rejected from about 14 job interviews. – Was the universe trying to tell me something? 😉

(30) The country I most want to visit is the USA. I have been all over the world but never there so far.

(31) My ideal lifestyle is to live in more than one place/country. About 3 months in a place is good for me before I want a change.

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