A list of classic and more subtle traits of Asperger’s Syndrome in adults:

  1. Misunderstood – most people just don’t get you.
  2. Sensory overwhelm – sometimes your senses are too sharp.
  3. Angry explosion meltdowns – may happen when triggered or feeling trapped.
  4. Crying meltdowns – may happen when overwhelmed.
  5. Silent shutdowns – times when you can’t speak or socialise.
  6. Avoidance – not going places you imagine will be hard for you.
  7. Head person – logical person who thinks and analyses.
  8. Pattern finder – the way you look at life you see patterns in everything.
  9. Open book – when comfortable, extremely open and honest.
  10. Normal friendship is alienating – feeling alone and empty when being friends in the normal way.
  11. Bluntness and directness – your words are straight talking.
  12. Dissolving boundaries – when you find a friend boundaries dissolve. You may be too clingy or bossy.
  13. Awkward about social touch – you don’t really touch other people or if you do you don’t really like it.
  14. Monotone or hypnotic speech patterns.
  15. Strong self-discipline – you keep to your chosen routines.
  16. Mind going blank and empty – may happen when surprised or overwhelmed.
  17. Child-like imagination – a part of you never grows old.
  18. Bad with hair – you just can’t do it!
  19. Eccentric interests – unusual hobbies or collections.
  20. Repetitive eating habits – you always eat the same thing or follow a rigid diet.
  21. Makes funny noises – when comfortable the sounds you create carry meaning in communication.
  22. Inflexible about time and plans – may freak out if plans change unexpectedly.


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