Life is easier for extroverts because you are social people and your personality is favoured in the world of work. However, your extroverted personality may lead you into some embarrassing, awards situations. Do any of these situations seem familiar to you?

Number 1 – When you are talking to just one person but you feel like you’re missing out. You try to get away.

Number 2 – When you’re walking down the street and you shout out, ‘Hi!’ in the street because you think you’ve seen you’re friend. However, you’ve got the wrong person.

Number 3 – When you put your foot in it when talking to some new people you don’t know well.

Number 4 – When you’re friend makes you feel needy because you asked them to hang out.

Number 5 – When you’re trying to be nice to someone by inviting them out with you but they get annoyed because they want to be left alone.

Number 6 – When you realise that you have been talking for too long in a meeting.

Number 7 – When you call your friend to cancel on them and your friend gets angry with you.

Number 8 – When you spoil the surprise by saying something you weren’t meant to talk about.

Number 9 – When someone asks you to keep the noise down because you’re being loud.

Number 10 – When you’re alone and you can’t find anything to do.

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