Cockney is an exceptionally coarse and vulgar dialect of English. All the insults in the video below are offensive and most definitely not politically correct.

1. Little sod – naughty boy. Origin from sodimist.
2. Plonker – idiot or stupid person.
3. Dyke – lesbian.
4. Nonce – sexually perverted person who is turned on by sex acts with children or animals.
5. Nutter – crazy person.
6. Old git – miserable old man. Git has a similar meaning to ‘bastard’.
7. Shirt lifter – gay man.
8. Slag – woman who sleeps around.
9. Twat – idiot or fool. Origin of twat means vagina / pussy although it does not mean the same as it does in American English in which it means cowardly person.
10. Dog – ugly woman.